Adam Audio Student Cashback Program

14th Jun 2019

Adam Audio Student Cashback Program

Students & Lecturers Can Apply For Cashback On Their Adam Product! ADAM Audio have introduced their cashback program for students and lecturers who purchase any product within the Adam product line.

Adam are pleased that you have chosen ADAM Audio speakers and hope you are satisfied with your purchase as ADAM Audio realise that monitoring is an important aspect of any recording studio environment.

  • - A student or lecturer (of one of the participating educational institutions) buys a pair of ADAM Audio monitors and/or a subwoofer at a regular price with our standard payment terms.
  • - Afterwards you apply for the cashback via the landing page and upon confirming eligibility of the claim Adam will transfer 10% of the purchasing price directly to your bank account.

Adam T Series Studio Monitors:

The Adam Audio T Series Studio Monitors are designed to produce accurate sound, allowing you to hear frequencies clearly. This allows you to create clean, punchy, and professional mixdowns and productions. The T Series Studio Monitors provide you with fine tune controls that allow you to tailor the frequency response to perfectly suit the room or position they are in.

Adam AX Series Studio Monitors:

The AX-Series from ADAM Audio provides you with a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording.

Adam S Series Studio Monitors:

The S Series is ADAM Audio’s new flagship reference monitoring range, comprising five models of increasing size: S2V, S3H & S3V and the S5H & S5V (H denotes a speaker designed optimally for horizontal use, V the vertical version). The range is the combination of many years of advanced in-house engineering innovation at ADAM and the latest computer aided design techniques, and does not employ off-the-shelf loudspeaker technology.

Adam Audio Subwoofers:

ADAM Audio subwoofers are designed with one primary goal in mind: Achieving absolute accuracy and an authentic natural sound in the process of music reproduction. This means combining exceptional bass power with precision and clarity in every subwoofer. These elements are the perfect partners to complement the highly acclaimed clarity and transparency of ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.