AAS Summer Software Sale

7th Jul 2021

AAS Summer Software Sale

Save Up To 50% On AAS Sound Packs And Software Synthesis Instruments In Their Summer Sale

Applied Acoustics Systems are running a sale on nearly all of their software products, allowing you the chance to grab some incredibly unique and creative sound packs and software synthesis tools with up to 50% off. AAS are behind the likes of the Chromaphone 3, Ultra-Analog VA-3 and String Studio VS-3 virtual synths, as well as their amazing Strum GS-2 guitar software.

AAS String Studio VS-3

Save Big On Software Synths

The AAS Super Hot Summer Sale is running until the 27th August 2021 and includes their renowned virtual software synths. Chromaphone 3 showcases physically modelled acoustic resonators which allows you to recreate real life instruments or create your own totally unique, new ones. 

Their Ultra-Analog VA-3 synth is a versatile analogue-style synthesiser with two oscillators, a filter and three independent effects racks. 

The AAS String Studio VS-3 allows you to get bowed, plucked or hammered string sounds, augmented with classic filters, envelope, LFO and effects, resulting in both familiar and fresh tones.

Sound Packs

AAS have a huge range of sound packs for these synths, so if you’ve already got one them, why not treat yourself to a collection of professionally curated presets for up to half price? AAS have teamed up with a bunch of artists, producers and sound artists including Richard Devine, Daniel Stawczyk, Andre Ettema and more to give you a plethora of options and to add value to these already incredible software tools. Whether you’re creating ambient soundtracks, eerie film scores, blues-infused guitar music, or seemingly anything else, one, or more of these AAS sound packs will have you covered!

AAS Sound Packs

To take advantage of the AAS summer sale, simply purchase at the reduced price before 27th August 2021.