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Tips on Recording and Music Production in the Studio

When it comes to technical help and guidance for recording or producing music in your home recoding studio or in the professional studio, Music Matter have got you covered with our Tech Tips. Each Tech Tip has been written by professional studio engineers and music producers to offer you advice in areas of computer music, production and recording.


Vocal Production For Remixers
  • Cutting vocals into separate components
  • Control over the dynamics
  • Vocal effect processing
  • More...
Improving Studio Ergonomics
  • Room acoustics and monitor placement
  • Get comfortable, get organised
  • Maintaining your system
  • More...
Using Limiter And Compression
  • Using dynamics processing
  • Saturation effects
  • General leveling
  • More...
Compressors And Limiters Tips
  • Combining limiter with compression
  • Parallel processing
  • Using noise gates and filters
  • More...