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Step 2 - Studio Monitors


To make good music, you’ve got to be able to hear yourself! One of the most critical aspects of a studio — home or “pro” — is the quality of the monitoring system. The way to go is Active Studio Monitors. In many home environments and when working remotely, Actice Studio Monitors are what you need for monitoring. You’ll find they can really focus on creating in the isolated space that monitors provide. They’re also great when you need to critically listen for noise, flaws, and balance problems in a mix or track.


Most people already have speakers.  They might be built into your computer or small standalone speakers sitting next to your computer or you might link your computer to your HiFi.  These types of speaker can be described as consumer speakers and usually have functions to artificially change the source audio signal of the music you are listening to such as 'Bass Boost'.  This can sometimes make the speakers sound more impressive and enjoyable but poses a significant problem when you start producing music on your computer.


If you are making your own music, producing voice over recordings or even creating podcasts you have to be sure that you are making decisions about your mix based on exactly what is in the original audio source.  If your speakers affect what you hear at all then you are at a disadvantage.  You may compensate for something your speakers are doing by changing your levels or eq settings.  If you now listen to your finished product on a different set of speakers it will sound completely different.


This is why Studio Monitors exist.  They are professional products designed for audio production where listening to audio has to be as accurate as possible.  Studio monitors are designed from the ground up to produce an almost flat frequency reponse which means they do not boost any frequencies.  This means you will base any production decisions on an accurate transmission of the source audio signal.


 What Else Is Needed?


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Samson MS200 (Pair)

Samson MS200 (Pair)

Professional Studio Monitor Stands

Universal Acoustics VibroPads (Pair)

Universal Acoustics VibroPads (Pair)

Charcoal Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

£34.00 £29.00
IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 (Pair)

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 (Pair)

Professional Studio Monitor Isolation Stands

£104.00 £94.00




JBL LSR305 (Pair)

JBL LSR305 (Pair)

2-Way 5 inch Active Studio Monitors

£200.00 £182.00



   Key Features - JBL LS305



+ Image Control Waveguide precisely controls the sound emanating from the Speaker


+ Long-throw Woofer and Neodymium Tweeter reproduce the transients and dynamics of the mix


+ Slip Stream low frequency port design works with the woofer to produce deep bass response


+ Class D Amps provide power to deliver the output and dynamic headroom for demanding production


+ Balanced XLR and TRS inputs connects your monitors to any signal source


+ -10 dB/+4 dB sensitivity switch ensures compatibility with a broad range of signal sources


+ LF and HF Trim switches for Low and High Frequencies give you control over the sound in your room



KRK Rokit RP5 G3 


KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Black (Pair)

KRK Rokit RP5 G3 Black (Pair)

2-Way 5 inch Active Studio Monitors

£258.00 £220.00



   Key Features - KRK Rokit RP5 G3



+ Consists of a 1” soft dome tweeter and 5” glass-Aramid composite woofer


+ Delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response


+ The proprietary bi-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 106dB


+ Rokit Waveguide is designed to ensure detailed imaging in the listening position


+ Front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling to allow flexible positioning in the room


+ Engineered surface reduces diffraction distortion


+ Multiple input connections ensure the Rokit RP5 G3 will easily integrate in any system configuration



Yamaha HS5 (White) 


Yamaha HS5 White (Pair)

Yamaha HS5 White (Pair)

5 Inch Active Studio Monitor in White




   Key Features - Yamaha HS5 (White)



+ 2-way Bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield Studio Monitor


+ 5" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter


+ 54Hz - 30kHz frequency response


+ 45W LF plus 25W HF bi-amp system for high-performance 70W power amplification


+ ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls


+ XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals


+ Designed to remove unwanted noise, with MDF enclosure, 3-way joint corners to remove resonance



M-Audio BX5 Carbon


M-Audio BX5 Carbon (Pair)

M-Audio BX5 Carbon (Pair)

5 inch Active Studio Monitor 70W




   Key Features - M-Audio BX5 Carbon



+ Equipped with a 5” woven Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1” natural silk dome tweeter


+ Delivers flat frequency response, enhanced stereo imaging, and increased clarity for authentic mixing


+ Bi-amplified 80 Watt Class A/B amplification means high power with less noise


+ Tweeter’s Waveguide has been enhanced to give an expansive sweet spot and superior stereo imaging


+ A wider mix position gives you professional monitoring for any caliber studio


+ LED placement cues help locate and light up the sweet spot


+ Acoustic Space Control helps provide optimal acoustic conditions for mixing and monitoring anywhere



Presonus Eris E5


Presonus Eris E5

Presonus Eris E5

2-Way Active Studio Monitor

£270.00 £238.00



   Key Features - Presonus Eris E5



+ Kevlar® low frequency transducers


+ low-mass silk-dome tweeters


+ responsive Class AB amplification


+ professional acoustic-adjustment controls


+ Three EQ controls in their Acoustic Tuning section: High, Mid, and Low Cutoff


+ Space Switch controls low shelving filter that cuts the level of freq' below 800Hz by a specified amount


+ Features balanced XLR, balanced ¼” TRS, and unbalanced RCA line-level inputs



Tascam VL-S5


Tascam VL-S5 (Pair)

Tascam VL-S5 (Pair)

Powered studio monitor speaker




   Key Features - Tascam VL-S5



+ Natural response delivered by the Kevlar woofers and 1" silk dome tweeters


+ Each part is driven by a separate amplifier and crossover freq. maxes efficiency of both drivers


+ Delivers frequency reproduction from 60Hz – 22kHz


+ Balanced input connections reduce noise and interface with professional components


+ Shielded to prevent magnetic lines of force from affecting sensitive components nearby


+ RF interference protection circuit, output protection circuit, and heat protection circuit


+ Moves phase issues out of the critical midrange