Roland MX-1


Roland AIRA MX-1

Roland AIRA MX-1

18-Channel Performer Mixer

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The MX-1 Mix Performer brings together your synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, and more into a single performance-optimized mixing instrument.



Combining elements of a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector, the MX-1 is designed to be the nerve center of your electronic music rig. It’s a mixer you can play – and so much more.










- 18 channel performance mixer with step-sequenced FX, transport, and tempo control

- Three kinds of step-sequenced Beat FX (Filter, Side Chain, Slicer) with TR-style buttons

- Six kinds of Master FX (48 variations) with large performance control knob

- Beat FX and Master FX can be applied to any or all inputs; Beat FX are per channel

- Combi mode rhythmically alternates the Master FX using the step-sequencer

- Four AIRA Link USB ports support audio, MIDI, sync, and bus power (on Port 3) for AIRA gear 

- Mix mode provides six analog, one digital (stereo), four AIRA (stereo) , and two PC channels through mixer and FX






- External mode provides 18 channels from DAW through mixer and FX (all inputs direct to DAW)

- Control Surface mode for full DAW control via MIDI

- DJ-style cue monitoring, quick mutes, and six fader curves per channel

- Per-channel Tone/Filter knob with ten kinds of EQs, filters, and isolators

- Transport and tempo control with fine, shuffle, and tap-tempo functions

- Instantly save and recall complete setups including all FX configurations

- Unified recording, clip launching and performance mixing for Ableton Live

- Ableton Live Lite is included




Tech Specs








Scene Memory



16 x 4 (Bank A, B)






FILTER: 5 types
SIDE CHAIN: 5 types
SLICER: 5 types






DELAY: 8 types
FILTER: 8 types
SCATTER: 8 types
FLANGER: 8 types
BIT CRUSH: 8 types
ROLL: 8 types






10 types



Number of USB Audio Max Input/Output Channels



Sampling frequency: 96 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz
Input: 18 channels
Output: 18 channels



Signal Processing



PC interface: 24 bits
AD/DA conversion: 24 bits



Sampling Frequency



AD/DA conversion: 96, 48, 44.1 kHz
DIGITAL (IN, OUT): 96, 48, 44.1 kHz



Nominal Input Level (variable)



Input 1–4: -26– +4 dBu
Input 5/6: -26– +4 dBu



Nominal Output Level



MIX OUT: +4 dBu



Head Room



18 dB



Input Impedance



Input 1–4: 100 k ohms
Input 5/6: 100 k ohmsc



Output Impedance



MIX OUT: 1 k ohm
PHONES: 24 ohms



Frequency Response



96.0 kHz: 20 Hz–40 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
48.0 kHz: 20 Hz–22 kHz (+0/-2 dB)
44.1 kHz: 20 Hz–20 kHz (+0/-2 dB)



Dynamic Range



AD block INPUT 1–4: 100 dB typ.
AD block INPUT 5/6: 100 dB typ.
DA block MIX OUT: 108 dB typ.






PHONES jack: 1/4-inch stereo phone type
MIX OUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type (unbalance)

INPUT 1–4 (L/MONO, R/MONO) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type (unbalance)
INPUT 5/6 jack: Stereo miniature phone type

AUX RETURN (L, R) jacks: RCA phono type
AUX SEND (L, R) jacks: RCA phono type

USB FUNCTION Port: USB type B (Audio, Midi)
USB HOST 1–4 ports: USB type A (Audio, Midi, for only TB-3/VT-3/TR-8/SYSTEM-1)
USB HOST 3 port can supply USB Bus power


MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors

DC IN jack






Hi-Speed USB
Digital input, output: Coaxial type (conforms to IEC60958)



Power Supply



AC adaptor



Current Draw



1.7 A







Roland AIRA Module Bundle

Roland AIRA Module Bundle

Includes Roland AIRA TB-3, TR-8 + VT-3

£907.00 £899.00


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