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Propellerhead Record Music Software giving you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and and a new take on computer recording.

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Propellerhead Record + Free Upgrade to Record 1.5 Product Description

Propellerhead Record Audio Recording Software combines effortless recording and a stunning software mixer console with a limitless rack of audio processing gear that builds itself or can be infinitely customized.

Propellerhead Record was designed for independent minded musicians, and Record has the feel of a million dollar recording studio with the streamlined simplicity of a tape deck. For guitar players, the built-in virtual Pod from Line 6 brings a wide range of top quality guitar amps and cabinets.

Record's software mixer featured in Propellerheads Record was modeled after the renowned SSL 9000K hardware with flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, advanced effects handling and complete automation. With its state-of-the-art dynamic multicore audio handling, Record uses a computer's processing power to its fullest.

Users will never have worry about track counts, latency issues or adding that extra reverb or effect. With an easy to grasp interface, it won't get in the way of ideas and will inspire users to make more music.


Key Features:


  • Limitless rack of audio processing
  • Modeled after the renowned SSL9000K hardware
  • Installed with separate guitar and bass POD units from amp and cab simulation experts Line 6 Inc
  • All the instruments, processors and effect units used in a song are housed inside Record's customizable rack
  • Comes with multi instrument ID8 - a songwriter's toolbox
  • Fast and flexible sequencer
  • Swift and easy to use comp editor
  • Real-time timestretch lets you play now and pick the tempo later
  • MIDI sequencer also handles all the automation in Record
  • Your Record rack can be stacked with an infinite number of reverbs, distortion units, delays, dynamic processors, mastering EQs, etc
  • Warm sounding EQ section with high and low pass filters, high and low shelving filters as well as parametric midrange filters
  • Every channel has its own fully featured dynamics section with compressor, gate and expander functions
  • Eight dedicated effect sends and each channel's sends can be set to work pre or post fader
  • You can put all the insert effects you want on your sound, and you can also map controls on the insert effects to the insert section in the mixer
  • Master compressor is what gives your music that final touch. The legendary dynamics processor it was modeled after is in use in studios all over the world
  • Windows System Requirements: Intel P4 / AMD Athlon XP at 2GHz or better, multiple cores highly recommended, 1 GB RAM or more, DVD drive, 2 GB free hard disk space (Record may use up to 20 GB cache disk space), Windows XP (SP2), Vista or later, Monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution, Audio Interface with ASIO driver, Free USB port for Propellerhead Ignition Key , Internet connection for registration
  • Mac OS X System Requirements: Intel Mac, multiple cores highly recommended 1 GB RAM or more, DVD drive, 2 GB free hard disk space (Record may use up to 20 GB cache disk space), Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution, Core Audio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware Free USB port for Propellerhead Ignition Key, Internet connection for registration

Propellerhead Record + Free Upgrade to Record 1.5 Additional Information

Brand Propellerhead
Colour Black
Condition New
Compatibility PC, Mac
Supported Format Stand-Alone
EAN 7350002922736