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Upgrade to Reason 5, Specially priced for Educational Institutions


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Propellerhead Reason 5 Upgrade Education Institution Licence is a specially priced for educational institutions. Proof of Educational status required.

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Propellerhead Reason 5 Upgrade (Education Institution Licence) Product Description

Propellerhead Reason 5 Upgrade Education Institution Licence allows existing academic users of Reason v1, 2, 3 or 4 academic editions upgrade to the full version of Reason 5.

Please note:
This is a specially priced for educational institutions. You must already have an educational institution license to  install and register the product. If you are unsure if your current software is eligible please contact propellerheads to check.  We are unable to refund if you buy the wrong version.

Propellerhead Reason 5 Upgrade Music Production Software features updated instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production.

Reason 5 includes the Kong Drum Designer, Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, Block Sequencing and Live Sampling.

Reason 5's upgraded Dr. Octo Rex loop player loads eight REX loops into one player and lets you switch between them on the fly. This makes arranging a breeze. Load the drum loops into one player, the guitars into another and use the sequencer to select what loop to play in a pattern-like fashion. With eight loops to switch between, the new loop player also comes ready for the experimental minded. Set the player to retrig the loops on the beat, on the bar or on the 16th note. Or program the loops manually like in the original rex player.

Sampling in Reason 5 is simple and straightforward. Hit the sample button and Reason starts sampling. Reason will detect the sample start automatically. You can sample when Reason is running too if you like, no need to stop the music. Use a mic, a turntable, an instrument or the entire Reason mix.

The Kong Drum Designer is not your regular drum module. It's the drum module focused on letting you get exactly that drum sound you're after. Kong has 16 pads and 16 drums. Build your drum sounds based on any of the nine different drum modules. Flavor the sound with 11 support generators and effects. Program automation, create alternating groups and let Reason's powerful sequencer control the beat. Reason 5 ships with a sound bank with a generous supply of kits for Kong across a wide variety of styles.

Propellerhead Reason 5 Upgrade (Education Institution Licence) Additional Information

Brand Propellerhead
Colour Black
Condition New
Compatibility PC, Mac
Supported Format Stand-Alone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS
EAN 7350002923313