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Audio & Video USB DJ Mixer

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Quick Overview

Audio & Video USB DJ Mixer with a 32-bit DSP chip, providing excellent quality sound.

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Pioneer SVM1000 Product Description

The Pioneer SVM1000 is an audio and video mixer that finally allows DJs to unlock their true AV potential, and further blur the boundaries between DJs and VJs.

Designed for use with our DVJ-1000 DVD/CD decks, the Pioneer SVM1000 gives DJs comprehensive control by synchronising both audio and video elements of their performance. Even audio-only DJs can easily add visuals synced to the music from the Pioneer SVM1000's built-in visualiser capability.

Complete with LCD touch panel, an impressive range of effects and 96 kHz/ 24-bit studio sound quality, the MIDI assignable Pioneer SVM1000 functions in a similar fashion to our acclaimed DJM series – which for DJs mean s that the doors to full-on AV freedom are now fully open!


  • Video Trim: Allows you to adjust the brightness of input video in each channel.
  • Video EQ: Allows you to assign video parameters, like RGB, CONTRAST, HUE and SATURATION to EQ, and to synchronise sound equalisers and video control.
  • AV Sync: Allows you to switch between sound and video with synchronous and separate control.
  • Fader Start: Connect up Pioneer's DVJ players (DVJ-X1s/DVJ-1000s) with a control cable and sliding the cross fader or channel faders can start playback.
  • Fully Assignable MIDI Function: Allows you to control external MIDI equipment, such as EFX and DJ/VJ application software.
  • Video Monitor Select: Allows you to select the type of video monitor output: MASTER, CHANNEL, MASTER AND CHANNEL or MIRROR OF MASTER.
  • Talk Over: Automatically lowers track volume so the DJ or an MC can talk over the track.
  • Peak Level Meter: Allows you to check the peak level of the input sound immediately at each channel.
  • Fader Curve Adjust: Allows you to change the cross fader/channel fader curve.

Technical Specifications

  • AV Beat Effect: Automatically detects the tempo (BPM = Beat Per Minute) of the music and affects both audio and video in time with the beat.
  • There are 12 patterns of Beat Effects: DELAY, ECHO, PAN, TRANS, FILTER, FLANGER, PHASER, REVERB, ROBOT, CHORUS, ROLL and REV ROLL. Indeed, users are fully armed on the effects front as each effect allows access to several more effects, including INVERSE, EDGE and HUE .
  • AV Touch Effect: Enables a more sensuous use of effects because it allows users to touch and affect the visuals directly, as they appear on the panel. The mixer is loaded with 12 patterns of Touch Effects: RIPPLE, LENS, SPOT, RADIATION, CUBE, BLOCK, KALEIDO, TWIST, ZOOM, DROP, BLUR and DISTORTION.
  • Text Effects: Automatically detects the tempo of the track and displays text messages in sync with the beat. The SVM-1000 is equipped with 6 patterns of Text Effects: RANDOM, ZOOM, BLOCK, ROTATION, CRUSH and SLIDE. Messages are inputted via the touch screen's built-in keyboard, but it is also possible to use an external USB keyboard.

Pioneer SVM1000 Additional Information

Brand Pioneer
Condition New
EAN 04977729870565