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Everything you need to get hands-on with your sound.



This is where it all began. The Launchpad was the birth of the grid system that fuelled an evolution in electronic music. It's time you joined in.


Grab a Launchpad. Now you can launch your clips from a grid of pads that match your session. Add a Launch Control XL and take hands-on control of your filters, effects and instruments too.


Want more grid? Just add another Launchpad - or perhaps a Launchpad Pro, which you can play like an instrument or use to control your other MIDI hardware. Not got much desk space? Try a Launchpad Mini instead, and add a Launch Control. You've got the same control in a smaller package.


All Novation's Launch products can be chained together. They all integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live without any setup, and all come with Ableton Live Lite. They're all bus-powered via USB and class compliant, so you can just plug them in and start playing.









LaunchPad Pro Logo



Create dynamic, expressive performances using our professional grid instrument. It lets you do everything that their classic Launchpad does, plus:



- Control a variety of other music software and external hardware
- Create expressive beats using velocity sensitive pads, with drum racks spread across the whole grid
- Easily play notes, melodies and chords on an RGB illuminated, pressure sensitive, chromatic keyboard
- Get immediate slick access to all your mixer controls
- Control your effects and instrument mid-performance




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Novation LaunchPad Pro

Novation LaunchPad Pro

USB MIDI Controller (Ableton Compatible)

£259.00 £214.00





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Launch clips, play drum racks and control your mixer, all while creating awesome lightshows on the iconic grid instrument for Ableton Live. It's ubiquitous with the evolution of electronic music




             - Integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live without any setup
             - Launch multiple clips and control anything else you like
             - Play using 64 RGB pads that light up to match the colour of your clips
             - Use the grid to play samples and drum racks, and create light shows
             - Start and stop loops, arm tracks, and control volumes, pans and sends




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Novation Launchpad Mk2

Novation Launchpad Mk2

USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live

£199.00 £148.99





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Novation's mini grid instrument is way smaller than Launchpad, but does all the same cool stuff. It doesn't have RGB pads though, so it's not quite as pretty.



                           - Launch your clips with 64 multicoloured mini pads
                           - Mix with your grid
                           - Play drums and assign your pads to anything you like
                           - Control FL Studio
                           - Just plug in and play




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Novation LaunchPad Mini MK2

Novation LaunchPad Mini MK2

Compact USB MIDI Controller






Launch Control XL Logo



Novation's ultimate controller for Ableton Live gives you total hands-on control over your performance or production.



                   - Enhance your live performance by combining with Launchpad S
                   - Get precise control over your levels with eight rugged faders
                   - Create your own control layouts by freely assigning any control to any function in Ableton
                   - Tweak your sound using 24 knobs with multicoloured indicators
                   - 16 multi-colour buttons for immediate track focus and key mixer controls




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Novation's compact controller is designed for making creating electronic music way more fun, by letting you play with your software like an instrument.



                    - Tweak your sound with 16 full-sized, chunky knobs
                    - Combine with your Launchpad for an exceptional level of control
                    - Easily assign up to 448 controls to your own layouts
                    - Chuck it in your bag and take it anywhere
                    - Use 8 large pads to launch clips and control mixer functions




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Novation Launch Control

Novation Launch Control

Expand Your Launchpad Setup

£59.99 £49.99


Novation LaunchKey


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