Universal Audio SD-1 & SP-1 Microphones Instant Savings

15th Mar 2023

Universal Audio SD-1 & SP-1 Microphones Instant Savings

From March 15th to April 30th 2023: Get instant savings on the SD-1 & SP-1 Professional Microphones from Universal Audio.

Universal Audio SD-1

With the SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone, you can capture vocals, instruments, livestreams, and podcasts like a pro, quickly giving you polished studio sound that’s broadcast-ready.

  • Capture close-miked vocals and instruments with a classic dynamic cardioid mic
  • Get natural-sounding recordings with SD-1’s flat, wide-range frequency response
  • Add clarity and presence with low-cut and enhanced articulation boost switches
  • Shape vocals and instruments with included SD-1 Apollo Channel Strip Presets

Universal Audio SP-1

The versatile design of the SP-1 makes it perfect for a range of recording applications. From capturing acoustic instruments to drum overheads and percussion; the SP-1 provides a high SPL that can handle loud sound sources without distortion. Whether you’re using a single microphone, or the acoustically matched pair, the SP-1 delivers unparalleled sound reproduction and sonic clarity – capturing every nuance of your performance.


  • Perfect for capturing stringed instruments, drums, overheads, percussion and more
  • Acoustically-matched stereo pair – ideal for stereo recording
  • High SPL tolerance – record loud sound sources without distortion
  • Provides tight X/Y pattern or massive depth when spaced apart
  • Smooth top-end response
  • Capture the sound of the pros with Apollo SP-1 EQ presets
  • Includes a range of accessories to get you started straight out of the box
  • Retro, road-worthy design

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