SSL Release UC1 Channel Strip & Bus Compressor Controller

1st Jun 2021

SSL Release UC1 Channel Strip & Bus Compressor Controller

Solid State Logic Release UC1 Channel Strip And Bus Compressor Plugin Hardware Controller

SSL have released a hardware controller for two of their most renowned software plugins - the Channel Strip 2 and their Bus Compressor. The SSL UC1 lets you take physical control over these plugins, with a knob per function channel EQ and dynamics. The centre section gives you full control over the Bus Compressor, which even features an authentic moving-coil gain reduction meter, which not only helps you keep track of where your mix is, but also lends a really nice analogue-style feel to the process. When you buy the SSL UC1, you also get the licence for both the Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins. 

Hardware Controller

SSL are known for both their incredible hardware and software products. As a result of this, the UC1 is an incredible hardware plugin controller, with amazing integration with the software side of things, including with the SSL 360 Plugin Mixer virtual console. All the knobs and faders work seamlessly with the plugins, giving you a truly tactile mixing and recording experience, that you simply don’t get when using plugins on their own. The SSL UC1 also features a handy display that lets you know your current settings, knobs that allow you to scroll between different channels for applying plugins, as well as a range of built-in presets that give you great sounds straight out of the box.

SSL UC1 Controller

Authentic Sounding Software

The Channel Strip 2 plugin has been carefully modelled on the legendary SSL XL9000K console, so you get the sound of a highly sought-after analogue desk, all within a software programme - the UC1 then gives you tactile nature of controlling it via knobs and buttons. The Bus Compressor 2 plugin is based on the 80s SSL G series analogue console, and can help your mixes sound bigger, more powerful and punchier, as well as adding cohesion and strength. Being able to tweak your channel strip and compressor with physical controls on the SSL UC1 really does help the whole process seem more like working on a classic console, however you’re paying considerably less!