Roland Announce New VAD103 V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit

22nd Jul 2021

Roland Announce New VAD103 V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit

Roland Announce Entry-Level VAD-103 Electronic V-Drums Acoustic Design Series Drum Kit

Roland have released a brand new electronic drum kit that provides players with a new entry point to the amazing V-Drums Acoustic Design series - the VAD-103. Whilst the Roland VAD-103 may look like an acoustic kit, it’s completely electric and is powered by the TD-07 module that offers a massive array of different drum sounds, plus some really handy connectivity options, like Bluetooth and USB out, as well as all the advantages associated with an electric drum kit, like how quiet it can be!

Acoustic Design Series

The Roland VAD-103 is a four-piece drum set, with two cymbals and hi-hats. The drums feature real wooden shells - not only does this help it look more like an acoustic kit, it actually improves the feel of it when playing too. It’s got an 18” bass drum, 12” snare and floor tom and a 10” rack tom, alongside 12” hi-hats, a 12” crash and a 13” ride cymbal. This makes it big enough to be able to play comfortably and with real expression and dynamics, but also keep the kit pretty compact.

Roland VAD-103 Drum Kit

The mesh heads have been designed to feel and respond like the drum heads on an acoustic kit so that you don’t notice much difference when swapping between say, the VAD-103 at home, and an acoustic kit at a rehearsal room or venue.

TD-07 Module

The Roland TD-07 drum module comes shipped with a load of preset kits ready for you to play. Whether you play rock, jazz, metal, pop, dance, country or anything else - there are kits in there that will work for the music you play. If you want to customise your sound even further, you can even swap out individual drums and virtually tune them, as you would do with an acoustic kit. 

Roland VAD-103 TD-07 Module

Electronic drum kits are a great way of being able to play the drums, without making too much noise and taking up too much space. The new Roland VAD-103 looks and feel like an acoustic kit, so if you’re already used to the feel of one, then you can still play with all the dynamics and expression you normally would. The module has some incredible, authentic drum sounds, plus it gives you more options and makes recording super easy.