Presonus Studio One V5.5 Free Update for Studio One Users

12th Jan 2022

Presonus Studio One V5.5 Free Update for Studio One Users

PreSonus Release Studio One 5.5 With Some Major Updates

PreSonus have made some pretty big updates to their popular Studio One recording software. Studio One 5.5 includes improvements to its functionality so that users have more control over their mixes and can get their music ready for release in the modern world. What’s even better is that it’s a free update for existing Studio One users!

Automation, Clip Gain Envelopes and Listen Bus Added To Project Page

Automation is often a key part of mixing a track, and with the PreSonus Studio One 5.5 update, as per many user’s request, it’s now featured on the track page. You can now automate track and master volume, panning, or the parameter of any plug-in to add dynamics and even more expression to your music. Whether you do it using your mouse, the in-built tools, or in real-time with your hardware, automation can really help bring a mix to life.  

Another feature added to the project page is Listen Bus. This lets you monitor your track through a separate output, with separate effects while keeping the master output unaffected, so you can use external room correction plug-ins e.g. Sonarworks Reference. 

Clip Gain Envelopes have also now been added to the project page, which allows you fix gain issues while mastering, without having to use any plug-ins. Sometimes, you don’t want to use a plug-in on the whole track, but you need to fix a couple of small spots here and there. Clip Gain Envelopes allows you to click on the sections of the track that require attention and increase, or decrease the volume to where you need it to be.

Studio One 5.5 Automation

Better MIDI Functionality

MIDI files can now be dragged on to the Chord Track so that you can extract the chords. This is great for the songwriting process but, by having the chords written down, it can also help you create bass and melody lines that you might not think of otherwise. With PreSonus Studio One 5.5, you can now also create a strum pattern manually by dragging notes in a selected chord - the vertical position stays locked, so that you don’t drag them out of tune, allowing you to concentrate on nailing the rhythm. 

Studio One 5.5 MIDI

Better Exporting

There are better options when it comes to exporting your track with Studio One 5.5 too. Nowadays, chance are, you’re releasing your music digitally. The 5.5 update has new Loudness options in the Digital Release window of the Project Page that lets you set target values for loudness and true peak during export. This means you can get your levels just right for releasing on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal and more. You can now also export in multiple formats, with just a single click. 

Studio One 5.5 Loudness