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Presonus Atom & Atom SQ Cashback Promo

Presonus Atom & Atom SQ Cashback Promo

Buy A PreSonus ATOM Or ATOM SQ MIDI Controller Between 1st May And 30th June 2021 And Get 10% Cash Back.

The PreSonus ATOM and ATOM SQ are both portable MIDI performance and recording controllers that allow musicians and producers to control a range of functions and instruments within their DAW. They both pack a lot into a small package, so if you’re making music on the go, then these could well be invaluable tools for you to always have with you. If you buy either the PreSonus ATOM or the ATOM SQ between the 1st May and the 30th June 2021, then you can claim 10% cash back from PreSonus (€15 for the ATOM and €25 for the ATOM SQ).

  1. Presonus


    16-Pad MIDI Pad Controller

    Presonus Atom is a 16-Pad MIDI Pad Controller that allows you to Produce & Perform on the fly.

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    Excl. Tax: £98.33 Incl. Tax: £118.00
    RRP £132.00 Save £14.00 (10%)
    3 years warranty
  1. Presonus

    Atom SQ

    Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Performance and Production Controller

    Presonus Atom SQ is a Hybrid MIDI Keyboard Pad Performance and Production Controller that features 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive, RGB LED pads in a unique, staggered layout; intuitive for keyboard players and step sequencer fans

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    Excl. Tax: £165.83 Incl. Tax: £199.00
    RRP £249.00 Save £50.00 (20%)
    3 years warranty

PreSonus ATOM

The PreSonus ATOM is a portable production and performance pad controller, suited to both studio and live use. It’s got 16 pressure and velocity-sensitive pads that you can use for a whole host of functions. You can trigger loops within your DAW, tap out beats and drum lines, play in virtual instruments and more. Essentially, with just one piece of hardware, you can lay down and control most, if not all parts of your tracks. Alongside the 16 pads, you’ve got four knobs that you can assign to control various parameters, and a range of buttons that allow you to switch between presets, add instruments, change the layout on Ableton, and much more on the fly, allowing you to concentrate more on your performance, and not your laptop screen.

PreSonus ATOM SQ

The PreSonus ATOM SQ is a versatile MIDI pad controller, and allows users to quickly switch between programming drums and playing virtual instruments, making it a powerful live performance tool. The ATOM SQ is laid out a little more like a keyboard, so those who are more used to that sort of layout will feel instantly at home. It makes playing in melodies easy, but it’s also just as simple to tap in beats or sequence drum parts (the layout of the pads is reminiscent of the old-school 16 step drum machines). You can even colour code the lights of the pads to help organise your loops and samples and you can assign the eight knobs to control a range of parameters - from drum tunings, to filters. There’s also a configurable touch-strip for adding in expression, built-in arpeggiator and an LCD screen.

Free Software and Deep Ableton Integration

Like a lot of PreSonus hardware devices, the ATOM and ATOM SQ both come with a copy of Studio One Artist, and some plugins and virtual instruments. You even get a collection of loops included so you get to creating right away. They also come with Ableton Live Lite - this is one of the best DAWs around for sampling, looping and beat-making, and the ATOM and ATOM SQ integrate incredibly well with it. This means that your hardware and software are really compatible, making your life as a music maker much easier.

To take advantage of this cash back deal, all you need to do is purchase either a PreSonus ATOM or ATOM SQ between the 1st May and 30th June 2021, then fill out the rebate form and send that, and a copy of your receipt to PreSonus before the 31st July 2021. You’ll get €15 for the ATOM and €25 for the ATOM SQ!