Novation's new Sound Collective offer featuring Yum Audio

9th Sep 2021

Novation's new Sound Collective offer featuring Yum Audio

Novation Sound Collective Members Can Grab The Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout Plugin and a 25% Discount Code For Free Between 5th August to 7th October

Novation hardware users can take advantage of regular software giveaways with the Sound Collective. If you’re already a member, then you’ll already know about all the cool free plug-ins you can grab, simply by registering your Novation hardware unit online. Not only this, but Novation Sound Collective members can also enjoy hefty discounts from some of the world’s leading audio software designers. From 5th August to 7th October, Sound Collective members can download Yum Audio’s LoFi Pitch Dropout completely free of charge. 

Novation Sound Collective

Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout

The Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout is an effects plugin for PC and Mac and normally sells for £65/$90 - so not a bad saving! This cool, unique plugin emulates the sound of a virtual tape getting stuck randomly and catching up again - it’s perfect for creating lo-fi/hip-hop/background/ambient beats. You can use it subtly to add a touch more texture or character to your track, or you can use it to jar your listeners how you want to you. There are six different modes, all of which let you create pitch errors in your signal, making your music stand out a little more  - Cassette Flux, Heavy Drop, Driplets, Broken VHS, Vintage Player and Pyramid.

Sound Collective

As well as being able to download the Yum Audio LoFi Pitch Dropout plugin for free, during this time period, you can also grab yourself a 25% code to be redeemed against any product from the Yum Audio range. 

If you’re a Novation hardware user, and you haven’t yet registered it, you can do so here - then you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of being part of the amazing Novation Sound Collective.