Novation Launch Summit: Their Flagship Polyphonic Synthesiser

10th May 2019

Novation Launch Summit: Their Flagship Polyphonic Synthesiser

Summit, Novation's Greatest Synthesiser yet, has been released, this 2-part / 16-voice polyphonic machine is available to pre-order today!

The Summit is the result of a culmination of ideas and requested from Novation customers. It incorporates the hands-on design of the Novation Peak with a 61-note keybed. It doubles down on the power of Peak, resulting in this 16-voice, bi-timbral synthesizer.

The Peak Of Synthesis

Suitable for studio and stage, the Summit features a premium-grade 61-note keybed - the same found on the SL MkIII. Get in-depth with your sound design with the myriad of controls and parameters available to you.

Novation Summit Keyboard

Bi-timbral synth engine with three FPGA New Oxford Oscillators

At the heart of the Summit are three FPGA New Oxford Oscillators per voice. This offers a wide range of synthesis modes including subtractive, wavetable and FM synthesis. The oscillators are hosted on the advanced FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip. This allows you to generate authentic analog waveforms and highly textural raw tones.

Novation Summit Envelope

Dual, Split and Layer your sounds

The bi-timbral design allows you to get creative with stacking sounds. The three modes are available when on a Multi Patch. The Layered settings allows you to play both parts of a sound layered on top of each other. This allows you to create your own unique sounds from the combination of two.

Novation Summit FM With Synthesis

Dual analog filters

The dual analog filters architecture, based on the synth legend Chris Huggett’s design of the OSCar. When selecting the 24dB low-pass setting, the signal is run through dual 12dB lowpass filters. The filters can be run parallel or in series into each other. The Filter Frequency will control the cutoff of both filters.

Novation Summit Keyboard Display

Included Software

The Novation Summit also comes with Ableton Live Lite DAW Software to get you started, as well as being part of the Novation Sound Collective.

Novation Summit Included Software

See the Novation Summit in Action

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