New Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra Limited Time Intro Offer

27th Jan 2021

New Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra Limited Time Intro Offer

Save 30% When You Buy The New Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra Plugin Before 28th February 2021, Or Save Up To 49% When You Upgrade.

Synchro Arts have unleashed two decades’ worth of work and research with their latest version of their audio alignment plug-in - VocAlign Ultra. VocAlign Ultra can help you align the timing and pitch of one audio signal with another, making it an incredible tool for music producers and video editors alike. Plus, if you grab it before 28th February 2021, you can save a good chunk of money with an amazing introductory offer. You can save 30% if you’re buying it outright, or save up to 49% if you’re upgrading from certain other Synchro Arts plugins. 

What Is VocAlign Ultra?

VocAlign Ultra is the latest plugin from Synchro Arts and enables you match the timing and pitch of one audio signal to another. If you’re double-tracking lead vocals, it can be really difficult to get the phrasing and pitch exactly the same every single time - VocAlign Ultra makes this a non-issue by slightly time stretching and compressing the audio, so that it matches up perfectly with the original vocal track. This makes the whole thing sound punchier, tighter, and overall more professional. It also means you don’t have to spend endless hours trying to get the timing exactly right, so it will save you a lot of time! You can use this on instruments and spoken word too - it’s not just for singers. 


This new Ultra version of VocAlign replaces VocAlign Pro and has a range of new features such as match pitch section, 60+ alignment presets, enhanced waveform and pitch displays and a tightness control, that allows you to dial in a bit of natural fluctuation, should you want it. 

Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra

Upgrade Today

VocAlign Ultra is the replacement for VocAlign Pro, however if you registered VocAlign Pro after the 21st July 2020, then you can upgrade to Ultra for free - just check out the Synchro Arts website. If you registered before then, you can still get 49% off, if you upgrade before 28th February. If you’re a user of VocAlign Project or Revoice Pro, then you can also save money with this introductory offer if you want to upgrade.