Genelec Key Technology: Smart Active Monitor (SAM)

8th Sep 2021

Genelec Key Technology: Smart Active Monitor (SAM)

An Overview Of The Smart Active Monitor (SAM) System Found Within Genelec Monitor Speakers

Genelec make some of the best studio monitor speakers in the world. Ranging from compact monitors for bedroom producers who want a professional sound, all the way to big, powerful speakers for wide open spaces, Genelec provide you with a flat, neutral, crisp and clear sound that will detail every nuance of your music.

Smart Systems For Different Workspaces

Many of their speakers are equipped with Smart Active Monitor (SAM) Systems, which essentially make them more reliable in a variety of environments. Nowadays, audio engineers and producers work in all sorts of different workspaces - small office rooms, bedrooms, wide open studios and much, much more. As a result, the same set of speakers are likely to sound different in all of these types of rooms - this is where SAM comes in. 

Genelec SAM

Automatic Room Adjustments

Using the state-of-the-art AutoCal, SAM Systems can automatically adapt to the room that you’re in, correcting for levels, delays and room anomalies. This means you can trust the sound you’re getting from your Genelecs, regardless of the environment that you’re working in. The SAM Systems can be controlled within the Genelec proprietary Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software. Within the GLM network and software, you can adjust a range of parameters that help you create a reliable and flexible monitoring system. You can even save settings within a speaker or sub, if you need to disconnect from the network.

If you’re looking for professional monitor speakers for any kind of room, or even if you’re likely to be moving your production rig between rooms, then a set of Genelecs with SAM Systems could well be the solution to providing you with an honest, reliable and clear sound for your audio.