Free Ultimate Synth Collection With The Korg Nautilus

10th Dec 2021

Free Ultimate Synth Collection With The Korg Nautilus

Buy a Korg Nautilus 61, 73 or 88-Key Workstation Between 10th September and 24th December 2021 And Get Ultimate Synth Selection Bonus Sounds And Setlists For Free

The Korg Nautilus is a powerful music workstation synthesiser keyboard. You can do an awful lot with any of the models - from the 61 key model, through to the 71-key version, all the way to the flagship, full-sized 88-key Nautilus, however if you buy any one of these models between 10th September and 31st October 2021, then you’ll get even more out of it. In this limited time period, you can get free bonus sounds and setlist data, plus a masterclass tutorial with Korg product specialist - Luke Edwards. This bonus Ultimate Synth Selection gives you a bunch of world-renowned sounds right at your fingertips, for free!

Korg Nautilus Promo

Korg Ultimate Synth Selection

The Ultimate Synth Selection gives you 10 Setlists, all based around different sound engines, from classic legacy instruments through to the world class sounds within the Nautilus. This makes it incredibly easy to navigate to well-known sounds and access them instantly, making the Korg Nautilus the perfect tool for live performance. The quality of the sounds within it also means it’s perfect for the studio too. The idea behind it is give you access to a fully equipped studio, enabling you to dial up instruments like the Korg MS-20 or Wavestation in no time at all. There’s also an extra 128 programmes called ‘The Best of Triton’ that gives you access to a range of sounds from the legendary synth. 

The sound engines included with the Ultimate Synth Selection are 

  • SGX-2
  • EP-1
  • CX-3
  • MS-20EX
  • Polysix EX
  • Wavestation
  • Triton
  • MOD-7
  • AL-1
  • STR-1

To take take advantage of this deal, simply purchase a Korg Nautilus between 10th September and 31st October 2021 and you’ll receive a free USB drive containing the Ultimate Synth Selection - it’s that easy!