FREE IK TRackS Porta One Software with Tascam Products

25th Jul 2023

FREE IK TRackS Porta One Software with Tascam Products

From now until 31st August: Tascam and IK Multimedia are announcing a giveaway of the Tascam/IK Multimedia T-RackS Porta One software package from the immensely popular Tascam Tape Collection.

By simply registering with Tascam ID, Tascam customers get the opportunity to add the classic analogue tape sound from the Tascam Porta One to their computer recording setup. The promotion runs from 20 Juli until 31 August 2023.

The registration process is said to be quick and easy. Those who visit the Tascam ID portal to create an account and register one of the eligible products* will be rewarded for their efforts. Tascam will send them a code for a free copy of the IK Multimedia T-RackS Porta One software. The unique code can then be used to register with IK Multimedia and start using the software.

Tascam ID registration page:
IK Multimedia registration page:

Tascam x IK Multimedia: What's included?

The Tascam Tape Collection includes ultra-accurate plug-in versions of legendary Tascam and Teac tape recorders such as the Porta One, A-3340S, 388 and A-6100 MKII. Using advanced modelling technology, the IK Multimedia DSP engineering team has taken each stage of the recorder apart, analysed it thoroughly, authentically modelled the entire tape recording process, and then recreated it as a plug-in for all of today’s popular DAWs.

Reviews and response to the Tascam Tape Collection have been excellent, and this promotion is an opportunity to introduce more recording enthusiasts to the hugely popular sound of analogue tape.

IK Multimedia Tascam TrackS

Eligible Tascam Products: