Free Copy of Lexicon MPX-L Plugin with Selected AKG

28th Oct 2021

Free Copy of Lexicon MPX-L Plugin with Selected AKG

Get A Free Version Of The Lexicon MPX-L Reverb Plug-In When You Buy Selected AKG Microphones And Headphones

When it comes to studio equipment, AKG are one of the biggest names in the game. They make a massive range of high quality microphones and headphones for musicians, producers, podcasters and anyone else working with audio. Now, AKG are running a special promotion - if you buy any one of their sets of professional headphones, or a wired-in microphones (as opposed to wireless) between 1st October and 31st December 2021, then you get then incredible Lexicon MPX-L reverb plug-in for free.

AKG Headphones Lexicon Promo

High Quality Microphones & Headphones

Headphones like the AKG K92 and K72 are great when it comes to recording and mixing at home, or in the studio. They offer superb sound quality, and they don’t break the bank - plus, now they offer even m ore value for money with the free Lexicon reverb plug-in. Many of their studio mics have proven popular with beginners and audio buffs alike too. The AKG P220 and P120 condenser microphones are great options for those just getting started with their own recordings, but more experienced sound engineers are also catered for with their range.

AKG Microphones Lexicon Promo

Lexicon MPX-L

Lexicon are known for being one of, if not the best, name in the game when it comes to digital reverb. The smooth, distinctive Lexicon reverb sound has been heard on many classic records over the last 40 years, and now you can get that on your recordings via the handy plug-in. The Lexicon MPX-L plug-in has 25 masterfully tuned presets and seven different reverb types, as well as an easy to use interface, so you’ll never struggle getting a range of amazing reverb sounds. 

Lexicon MPX-L

How To Claim Your Free Lexicon Plug-In

  • Buy any qualifying AKG product (wired-in microphone or pro headphones) between 1st Oct - 31st Dec 2021
  • Register the serial number of your item and upload your purchase receipt on the Lexicon Web Page
  • You'll then receive an immediate download of the MPX-L Plugin