Expressive E Touche SE Affordable Innovative Controller

21st Sep 2018

Expressive E Touche SE Affordable Innovative Controller

Expressive E Have Created A More Affordable Route Into The World Of Touche Multi-Gesture Control With The USB-Only Touche SE - Play, Produce & Perform.

Touché SE features the same build quality and included software bundle of over 200 professionally designed and pre-mapped sounds, as on the existing Touché.

The difference is that it features only USB connectivity (vs MIDI and CV on Touché), and black polycarbonate 'skin' vs. mahogany on the Touché. As with Touché, users can host their favourite third-party VST Instruments within the Lié software, and explore the unique new control possibilities that the hardware presents - at an all-new much more affordable price point.

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Touché SE lets you make incredible new sounds, using just simple gestures. Intuitively tap, push and slide your fingers across the touch-plate surface to create extraordinary performances in seconds. Get ready to unlock expression in your music more easily than you might ever have imagined was possible.

Expressive E Touche SE Play Produce Perform


Touché SE responds to both the softest and lightest of touches, and the most intense and powerful of gestures.
Slides and presses take sounds from dark growls to soaring, angelic heights.

Expressive E Touche SE Gestures

Extraordinary sounds included

Touché SE comes with a professionally-designed sound library, so you can start exploring right after installation. Explore ripping basses, soaring leads, evocative pads and pounding percussion, all pre-mapped to take full advantage of the hardware.

Expressive E Touche SE UVI

Rediscover your favorite plugins

Paired with the extraordinary control possibilities of Touché SE, your virtual instruments take on a whole new sonic dimension. Get up and running in seconds with over 200 presets for popular software instruments from companies such as Arturia, Native Instruments, and many more.

Expressive E Touche Software

Lié, easy to edit

Lié is Touché SE’s control centre, letting you easily browse the included sound library, host third-party software plugins, and map software parameters to the hardware in just a few clicks. Then, intuitively refine control ranges to create the absolute perfect playing experience.

Expressive E Touche Lie

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