Everything You Need To Know About The Sequential Pro 3

26th Jul 2021

Everything You Need To Know About The Sequential Pro 3

A Rundown Of Some Of The Highlights Of The Sequential Pro 3 Analogue/Wavetable Mono/Paraphonic Synthesizer

The Sequential Pro 3 merges both traditional analogue and digital style synthesis that results in an incredibly powerful and versatile instrument. It’s a 2 VCO + wavetable mono/paraphonic synth, with three vintage filters, three LFOs, a 16 x16 x 4 sequencer, dual effects, 32-slot mod matrix, four loopable envelopes and more.


At the heart of the Sequential Pro 3 is the oscillator section. There are two voltage controlled oscillators that give you all the old-school analogue warmth you’d expect, both with variable saw, triangle and square waves covering five octaves. The third wavetable oscillator provides a different tonal edge that compliments the analogue warmth nicely, plus it allows you to morph through different waves creating an almost unlimited array of sounds. Just within the oscillator section, you’ve got a huge scope for sound design. 


You’ve also got three vintage-style filters that help shape the tone of the Sequential Pro 3, all paying homage to classics of the past. Filter 1 is a Prophet-6 style 4-pole low-pass filter, Filter 2 is a Moog-esque transistor ladder with optional resonance compensation and Filter 3 is a 2-pole, state-variable filter, based on the OB-6.

Sequential Pro 3 Side


The Pro 3 has a great studio-quality effects section too, offering a range of modulations, delays, reverbs and more. You can dial in the sound you’re after fairly easily, and can even use two effects at once. The delay can be used in stereo too which can really help create a wider sound image.

Sequential Pro 3 Angle


The built-in sequencer helps make the Sequential Pro 3 even more versatile, boasting 16 tracks, 16 steps and 4 phrases. You can play in sequences, which can then be edited after, or you can use any of the many built-in sequences that are pre-loaded to each patch.