Elektron Announce Digitone Keys FM Polysynth Keyboard

10th May 2019

Elektron Announce Digitone Keys FM Polysynth Keyboard

The Digitone Keys 8-Voice polyphonic synthersizer from Elektron has been introduced, find out more and reserve yours today.

The Digitone is no doubt a powerful synthesizer with limited room to improve its already incredible feature set - now augmented with an excellently designed keyboard, take your Digitone performances to the next level. This semi weighted keyboard is ideal for playing those bass riffs and pad chords. With aftertouch as standard, this keyboard takes your Digitone's powerful FM synthesis and adds a performative edge.

Modern FM Digital Synthesizer

The Elektron Digitone revolutionises FM synthesis, combining classic sound principles with subtractive synthesis signal flow. You can choose from multiple FM algorithms with specially selected parameters. The sound design capabilities are endless, incorporating powerful filters and effects for shaping your tone. It opens up a whole new world of sounds and timbres, ranging from metallic-style percussive sounds, to soft pads and everything in between.

Elektron Digitone Keys Modern FM Synthesiser

Integrated 16-Step Sequencer

The powerful on-board 16-step sequencer features four synth tracks and three MIDI tracks as well as an arpeggiator per track. The intuitive design allows you to set individual track lengths, as well as locking parameters into place. You can also set the sequencer to change the sound per step, ideal for live performances where you want to switch up the style and tone.

Elektron Digitone Keys 16-Step Sequence

In-Depth Control

The ergonomic layout of the Digitone Synthesizer features a comprehensive control section including a wide range of buttons. Accompanying the buttons, are a range of rotary encoders, designed for changing levels and parameters with optimal precision.

Elektron Digitone Keys Buttons

Premium-Grade Effects

For in-depth sound design, the Digitone also includes a wide variety of integrated effects. The Send and Master effects can be used to further sculpt your sound. The effects are comprised of a Panoramic Chorus, Saturator Delay, Supervoid Reverb and Overdrive.

Elektron Digitone Keys Effects

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