dB Technologies Opera Reevo 3-Way Coaxial PA Speakers

19th Apr 2023

dB Technologies Opera Reevo 3-Way Coaxial PA Speakers

OPERA REEVO 210 and OPERA REEVO 212 deliver an astonishing sound pressure level with touring-grade sound definition and a remarkable low-end extension

The Quasi 3-way configuration delivers a vigorous yet pristine sound. This bold acoustic design is in-fact unparalled in its category, inspired by dBTechnologies touring series, marks a clear step-up In the longest running and most appreciated dBTechnologies active speaker series of all times.

dB Technologies Opera Reevo Overview:

Opera Reevo translates the mix in an impeccable way, adapting the speaker to complex musical material especially when rich in the midrange region, where separation and clarity can really make a difference in the outcome of any performance.

This is granted by the coaxial acoustic design, featuring a front Integrated HF horn with diamond-shaped cutouts with the aim of rendering comb filtering-free high frequency reproduction, and at the same time of improving the upper woofer’s efficiency.

Another phase plug enhances the lower woofer efficiency: this acoustic device greatly improves the transient response and overall behavior of this transducer.

Low noise reflex ports are integrated in the front molding. The honeycomb structure inside the ports helps reducing wind turbulence caused by the high airflow of this high SPL powerhouse.

dB Technologies Opera Reevo Coaxial

dB Technologies Opera Reevo Features:

Quasi 3-way configuration
Coaxial transducers
2x Neodymium woofer
1050 W RMS / 2100 W 133 dB Max SPL
acoustic phase plug
FIR Filters
3x Flying point
Low noise reflex port
Made in Italy

dB Technologies Opera Reevo Floor

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