Buy Roland Zen-Core Instrument Get FREE Cloud Membership And Sound Packs

22nd Jan 2021

Buy Roland Zen-Core Instrument Get FREE Cloud Membership And Sound Packs

Free 12 Month Membership To Roland Cloud Pro & 46 Free Zen-Core Sound Packs When You Buy Zen-Core Hardware Before 1st March 2021.

Hot off the release of the incredible Verselab MV-1 workstation, Roland are offering a year’s membership to Roland Cloud Pro as well as 46 Zen-Core Sound Packs if you buy and register any one of their eligible Zen-Core compatible hardware devices before 31st January 2021. This offer, alongside the Zen-Core products means that you’ll have a huge range of classic and modern sounds at your fingertips, for recording and live use. 

What Is Zen Core?

The Zen-Core Synthesis System is Roland’s most advanced sound engine so far and encompasses both software and hardware. It’s essentially a huge selection of sounds that you can utilise via a Zen-Core hardware device, or within your DAW, depending on what you need at the time. You can dial up a massive number of classic and modern analogue and digital Roland synth sounds and play them using whatever instrument inspires you the most. You can also edit sounds and share them between various hardware devices, share to hardware and vice versa. This means you can tweak sounds then share them with a friend using Zen-Core so you can both work on the same project. 

Roland Zen-Core

12 Months Of Roland Cloud Pro Membership & 46 Free Zen-Core Sound Packs

If you buy any of the eligible Zen-Core products before 1st March then you get 46 Zen-Core Sound Packs for free. These packs each give you an extra 16 presets, arming you with a massive array of sounds. Each pack focuses on a particular instrument type, genre or artist presets. As well as these extra 700+ sounds, you also get a year’s membership to Roland Cloud Pro. 


Roland Cloud Pro really lets you get the most of your Zen-Core product by enabling you to edit in software and play on hardware. It also gives you access you to an even wider array of sounds and software instruments as well as unlocking a load of software expansions, and a whole lot more. If you own a Zen-Core device then Roland Cloud Pro is definitely worth checking out!

Roland Free Zen-Core Sound Packs

Eligible Products

Simply purchase one of these and register it with Roland before 1st March. Plus, if you’re already registered, you can still claim these freebies!


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