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Buy Presonus Monitors - Get Studio One Prime and Studio Magic

Buy Presonus Monitors - Get Studio One Prime and Studio Magic

If You Buy And Register A PreSonus Studio Monitor Between 15th March And 31st May 2021 Then You Can Download Studio One Prime And Studio Magic Plug-In Suite For Free.

PreSonus are offering a spectacular deal on their monitor speakers for a limited time that means you get a whole host of digital software products for free. If you’re after a new set of monitor speakers, then the PreSonus range is definitely worth checking out. Not only are they great speakers, providing a clear, honest sound, but if you buy one of their monitor speakers and register it on their website between 15th March and 31st May 2021, then you can download their Studio One Prime DAW and their Studio Magic Plug-In Suite free of charge!

PreSonus Studio Magic

Studio One Prime

This is PreSonus’ basic DAW, so if you’re new to recording and mixing music, or you just want a programme that’s simple, intuitive and easy to use, then this will be really handy. Studio One Prime lets you record an unlimited number of tracks, plus there are some great software instruments built in, so you can record a whole host of different sounds, ideal for pretty much any genre of music. There’s even guitar amp software inside it too, so guitarists don’t need to mic up noisy amps - simply plug in to your interface, and dial in your sound within the programme - easy!

Studio Magic Plug-In Suite

This is exactly what the name suggests - a suite of plug-ins to help you record and mix your music. There’s a lot included in this software bundle (it’s worth over $1000), making it a one-stop-shop for any musical need. You get Ableton Live Lite, Arturia’s Analog Lab Intro containing some incredible synth and keys sounds, Native Instruments REPLIKA delay, Melodics to help improve your playing, some legendary Lexicon reverbs and loads more. You’ll likely find that many of the plug-ins included in the Studio Magic Suite become your go-to tools for recording and mixing. 

To get these two programmes, for free, all you need to do is buy a PreSonus monitor speaker between 15th March and 31st May 2021 then register it at - they’ll then be in your account ready to download.