Buy a UAFX Pedal & Get Free Access to TrueFire & UAFX Playbook Series

8th Apr 2021

Buy a UAFX Pedal & Get Free Access to TrueFire & UAFX Playbook Series

Buy One Of The New Universal Audio UAFX Pedals Before 30th April, And Get Access To TrueFire And Their UAFX Playbook For 90 Days Free Of Charge.

Earlier this year, Universal Audio announced their first ever range of guitar pedals, comprising of the Starlight Echo Station, Golden Reverberator and the Astra Modulation Machine. In typical UA fashion, these compact effects pedals pack an awful lot in, giving players a wide range of classic, analogue style tones. Each pedal has three different modes, each modelled on a legendary piece of analogue hardware. Universal Audio are known all over the world for their incredible emulations of classic gear, and these guitar pedals showcase that wonderfully. 

Now, when you buy one of these pedals from an authorised dealer before 30th April 2021, then you get 90 days access to, including their brand new UAFX Playbook that helps you get the absolute best out of your new pedal.

What Is TrueFire And The UAFX Playbook?

Truefire is an online resource centre that has virtual lessons from the likes of Steve Vai, Josh Smith, Matt Schofield, Ariel Posen and more. There’s a massive range of material on there, covering nearly all genres, with HD video that you can slow down and loop, as well as music notation and tab. The UAFX Pedals Playbook will dive into what makes these pedals so special, plus it will demonstrate how to dial in 10 versatile and distinctive tones, with recall diagrams so you can get the tone you hear whenever you want. The whole thing will be presented by James Santiago - one of the guys behind the development of the pedals, and Corey Congilio - an incredible session player and master of tone. There’s basically no two better people to guide you through what these pedals can do!