Bitwig Birthday: Get Free Plugins With Bitwig Studio

6th Apr 2021

Bitwig Birthday: Get Free Plugins With Bitwig Studio


If you’re looking for a modern music production and performance software suite, then Bitwig Studio is certainly worth a look. It’s a DAW that gives you complete control of every aspect of your music, with both linear and non-linear workflows for sound design, recording, live performance and more. Bitwig Studio has loads of built-in software instruments, allowing you to track whatever sort of sound you can dream up. Features such a the modulation system and ‘The Grid’ let you manipulate, or even create your own sounds, so that your recordings sound completely unique. What’s better is that for a limited time, you can get three high-end Harrison AVA plug-ins (worth $92 each) completely free, when you buy a copy of Bitwig Studio between the 26th March and 12th April 2021.

Harrison AVA Plug-Ins

Harrison are known for making incredible analogue desks - albums including Back In Black, Thriller and Bad were mixed on Harrison consoles, and they’re still used in world-class studios all around the globe today. However, you don’t have to be in an expensive studio to get that sound - the Harrison AVA plug-ins help bring their rich heritage into the digital world, allowing you to get that classic, timeless analogue sound and character in your digital recording and mixing setup. 


When you buy your copy of Bitwig Studio between the 26th March and 12th April 2021, then you get three great-sounding and really useful Harrison AVA plug-ins for free - they’ll likely become your every-day go-to tools.

AVA Multiband Compressor - Compression is one of the mostly widely used tools when recording and mixing, so having a good one can help speed up your workflow. This compressor really lets you dial your sound in, whilst still remaining easy to use, plus it’s been enhanced for use in DAWs.

AVA Legacy Q - This is an emulation of Harrison’s original MPC digital EQ, which has been used around the world for a range of high-end, professional recordings. 

AVA Mastering EQ - This is especially useful after your mix. You can use it to give your track that polished ‘sheen’, whilst retaining the character of what you’ve created.

How To Claim Your Free Plug-Ins

To take advantage of this deal, worth up to $276, then you need to purchase a copy of Bitwig Studio, Bitwig Studio EDU, Upgrade From 8-Track, and Upgrade From 16-Track between the 26th March and 12th April 2021, and register it online. You can also claim a copy of the AVA Mastering EQ when you buy a Bitwig Studio Upgrade Plan or 16-Track license.