Arturia Minifuse Versatile Desktop Audio Interfaces

31st Jan 2023

Arturia Minifuse Versatile Desktop Audio Interfaces

Record your song, record your story, record you - record anything. MiniFuse is a set of audio & MIDI interface designed to transform your ideas into your art.

Capture crystal-clear recordings, refine with pro-grade creative software, and get your sound out there.

Play, perform, produce

We hear you. As a passionate music maker and content creator, you’re out to get inspired and express yourself.

MiniFuse means easy recording, world-class sound, an instant-results workflow, and the finest creative software you need to create the quality content you want. Your perfect audio companion for the desktop, studio, or on the go. What’s stopping you?

If you’re a guitarist, keyboardist, or anything in between, capture your instrument with plug-and-play ease and beautifully transparent sound.

Arturia Minifuse Lifestyle

Supreme sound quality

Each MiniFuse interface offers simply the best audio specs at its price point. Enjoy the premium sound quality your production deserves. 

Lush dynamics that respond to every nuance of your voice, your performance, and your style.

Arturia Minifuse Sound

The best software included

MiniFuse comes with an exclusive selection of software titles offering everything you need to give your sound the professional edge.

This isn’t a bundle of fremium plugins or demos - this is the same exceptional software used by music and audio professionals worldwide.

Compose, record, perform, and produce anything with an introduction to one of the most widely-used musical software titles in the business - yours with MiniFuse.

Arturia Minifuse Software

Which MiniFuse is best for you?

From solo guitar recording, to podcasting, to live multi-track performances, there’s a MiniFuse that works for you.

Choose the inputs and outputs you need, connect to your computer, install the MiniFuse Software Pack, and let your creativity do the talking.

See the Minifuse in Action: