Alesis Announce Prestige & Prestige Artist Digital Pianos

27th May 2021

Alesis Announce Prestige & Prestige Artist Digital Pianos

Alesis Release The Prestige Series Of Portable Digital Stage Pianos Featuring 88 Graded-Hammer Action Keys And Built-In Speakers.

Alesis have released two new digital stage pianos that will satisfy both beginners and more seasoned players alike. The Alesis Prestige and Prestige Artist both feature 88 full-size keys, with a graded hammer action, as well as a range of high quality sounds that allow you to play with expression and dynamics. If you’ve always wanted a piano, but struggled to find the space, or you’re concerned about the level noise, then either one of these Alesis digital stage pianos could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Alesis Prestige Digital Piano

Graded Hammer Action

The Alesis Prestige and Prestige Artist have a graded-hammer action. This means that all the keys have a similar weight to those found on an acoustic piano - the keys at the bottom will be slightly heavier than those at the top, due to the difference in thickness of strings. Obviously, there are no strings within these digital pianos, but the action and feel of the keys is very close to that of an acoustic. This is particularly helpful if you’re going from an acoustic piano during lessons or exams to a digital instrument at home. 

High Quality Sounds

Both these portable digital stage pianos have a range of sounds on board, including strings and brass, on top of some incredibly authentic sounding piano tones. These sounds have been procured by sampling some of the best pianos in the world multiple times, so that you get an authentic sound when you play. 

What’s The Difference Between The Alesis Prestige And The Prestige Artist?

Whilst there are many similarities between the Prestige and the Prestige Artist, it’s worth noting that the latter does have some improved features. The Alesis Prestige Artist has 30 built-in voices, as opposed to 16 on the Prestige, giving you a wider scope for creating different sounds. The Prestige Artist also has a higher polyphony - that is, how many notes can play at once. The Prestige Artist has 256-note polyphony, and the Prestige has 128. Whilst 128 notes sounds like a lot, if you’re using the sustain pedal (included with both) these notes do quickly add up. This makes the Prestige Artist better suited to playing more complicated pieces of music and so will suit those a little further along with their playing. It’s also got a small screen on-board to make seeing your current settings a little easier.