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M-Audio Accent Lower Price And Packages


M-Audio Accent Packages


M-Audio Accent Digital Piano

M-Audio Accent Digital Piano

88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

£389.99 £269.00
M-Audio Accent + Piano Stand

M-Audio Accent + Piano Stand

88-Key Digital Piano + Professional Piano Stand

£368.00 £327.00
M-Audio Accent + Piano Stand & Bench

M-Audio Accent + Piano Stand & Bench

88-Key Digital Piano + Durable Stand & Bench

£402.99 £379.00
Accent, Stand, Bench & Headphones

Accent, Stand, Bench & Headphones

Digital Piano + Stand, Bench & ATH-T300s

£433.99 £407.00
M-Audio Accent & BX5 D2 (Pair) + Gear

M-Audio Accent & BX5 D2 (Pair) + Gear

Digital Piano, Studio Monitors, Stands, Bench & Cables

£683.87 £604.00
M-Audio Accent & BX8 Carbons + Gear

M-Audio Accent & BX8 Carbons + Gear

Digital Piano, Studio Monitors, Stands, Bench & Cables

£782.95 £684.00


M-Audio Accent Digital Piano



Professional-Grade Components


This affordable yet versatile digital piano features a multitude of premium quality functions and components resulting in a well-balanced yet powerful instrument. The keybed on the piano features 88 authentic hammer-action weighted keys that react like an acoustic piano for the natural feel and playability of a grand piano. This helps to deliver the velocity-sensitive playing style needed for more advance pieces and music production.


The piano also features 20 built-in voices, that can be layered with another sound or split for use in duets. The high-quality AIR Music Technology Steinway piano samples that come included utilise the best and most advanced sampling technique to ensure professional-grade piano samples that react and sound as close to the original as possible. Versatile Functionality




M-Audio Accent Front

The Accent 88 is also highly versatile with a range of multi-function components and controls that give you optimal flexibility. The USB-MIDI and MIDI DIN outputs let you use the digital piano in conjunction with your computer, turning the Accent 88 into multi-functional MIDI controller. This gives you added performance value as you can use the Accent 88 to control your virtual instruments and plug-ins, which is ideal for music producers.

Connectivity And Accessories


Featuring USB-MIDI and MIDI DIN outputs for use with computers, the Accent 88 also features aux 1/4'' output and 2 x 1/4'' headphone outputs. These give you versatile connection possibilities allowing you to connect this digital piano to external devices such as audio interfaces and speakers. A sustain pedal is also included with the Accent 88 for added control over your sound, allowing you to affect the sound you produce and let certain tones ring out the way they need to.






- Authentic hammer-action weighted 88-key keybed
- Professional XLR outputs for top quality audio and lowest possible noise
- 20 built-in voices, can split or layer two voices simultaneously
- Top-quality AIR Music Technology Steinway piano samples included
- Play along with 60 preset songs or record your own with the User Record mode
- Duet mode with 50 accompaniment patterns
- Lesson mode divides the keyboard into two areas with the same pitch and voice
- Built-in DSP with adjustable EQ, Reverb, and Chorus FX
- Transpose control, built-in metronome
- USB-MIDI and MIDI DIN output
- Aux ¼” output; (2) ¼” headphone outputs
- Stereo 1/4” Aux input for playing along with external equipment
- Sustain pedal included
- Optional Accent keyboard stand available


M-Audio Accent Features


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