Mackie's Major Update To Their Thump PA Loudspeaker Line-Up

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Mackie New Thump Line-Up

Thump Series powered loudspeakers continue their legacy of ultra-affordable, class-leading performance and reliability and bring it to the next level with all-new designs and technology that redefine chest-thumping low-end and versatility (Expected Beginning Of October).

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Mackie Thump Amp Features Mackie Thump Built-In Mixer Mackie Thump Application Specific Mackie Thump Power Factor
High-Performance 1300W Amplifiers Built-In Mixers Application Specific Speaker Modes Power Factor Correction
To keep up with the demands of modern music, performers, and DJs, Thump Series loudspeakers feature an all-new 1300W ultra-efficient amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response™ technology. Utilizing a higher voltage power supply, the amplifier in Thump has an incredibly fast response to transients and bass heavy music. This means that when you need maximum power and chest-pounding bass, Thump will always deliver.

Thump loudspeakers feature built-in 2-channel mixers equipped with two Vita™ preamps with Wide-Z™ technology that handle mic, line and instrument signals with ease. So, when you only need one or two inputs, you can plug directly into the speaker without an external mixer.

Thump Boosted speakers take versatility even further with a built-in 3-channel mixer that features two digitally controlled Vita+ preamps, plus a third Bluetooth channel for music streaming.

Get your speakers ready for action at the push of a button. Choose between four or six speaker modes* to instantly optimize the system for your application. Not only does this make setup even faster, but gives you a great starting point when it comes time to mix.

*Four modes available on Thump12A and Thump15A and six modes available on Thump12BST and Thump15BST

Unstable AC power can cause some frustrating problems during a gig. With Power Factor Correction, Thump Loudspeakers keep the power in check ensuring a consistent performance. To top it all off, Thumps accept wall power from anywhere in the world with no modifications needed thanks to a universal internal power supply, a claim that no other powered loudspeaker can make. Just use the appropriate power cord for the country you are using them in.

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Mackie Thump Boosted



Building on the powerful, class-leading performance of the Thump Series, Thump Boosted Advanced Powered Loudspeakers offer maximum versatility and flexibility with wireless streaming, control, and linking plus powerful channel processing and more.

Mackie Thump Boosted Steaming


Simply pair a Bluetooth® enabled device to your Thump Boosted speaker and you'll be dancing in no time.
Mackie Thump Boosted Linking

Speaker Linking

Utilizing the latest technology, we gave Thump Boosted loudspeakers the capability to wirelessly link directly to each other at up to 100 meters for music streaming and control.

Mackie Thump Boosted Processing

Channel Processing

Each channel is completely digitally controlled including input levels. Fine-tune your sound with separate 3-band EQ on all three channels plus a variable high-pass filter on the two Vita+™ channels.

Mackie Thump Boosted Display

Full-Color Display

View everything you need at a glance including channel metering, levels, EQ and more. Want it off during the performance? No problem, the display can be dimmed and even turned off completely until you need to see it again.



Mackie Quick ComparisonBack to top

ModelPowerBuilt-In Mixer 
with Wide-Z™
Streaming /
Control via
Thump Connect™

Thump12A 1300W Yes 4 No No No
Thump15A 1300W Yes 4 No No No
Thump12BST 1300W Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes
Thump15BST 1300W Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes
Thump18S 1200W No No No No No

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