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5.25" Biamplified Nearfield Monitor

  • JBL LSR 6325P 2


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Quick Overview

JBL LSR 6325P is a 5.25" Biamplified Nearfield Monitor that features Dual front ported enclosure for optimized low frequency reproduction

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JBL LSR 6325P (Single) Product Description

With the advent of "desk-top" audio, the need for compact, shielded powered monitors has spurred manufacturers to fill this niche. The LSR6325P, a biamplified nearfield monitor, falls into this category and is ideal for project and home studios, digital workstations and surround sound monitoring.

The LSR6325P incorporates JBL's latest transducer technology and the LSR Studio Monitor System design philosophies, which provides the engineer or mixer greater latitude in movement without sacrificing image integrity. The workspace where the engineer, producer and artist make critical mixing decisions is typically within +/-15° of the vertical and +/-30° of the horizontal when referenced to the center spot of the monitoring environment. As a result, critical decisions about image placement, EQ, balance and timbre are much easier to accomplish.

The 5.25" LSR6325P woofer is based on research and field proven experience in low distortion, high excursion designs. The cone forms a rigid piston and is supported by a butyl rubber surround. A cast aluminum basket provides advanced heat dissipation. The high frequency device of the LSR6325P is a 1" composite diaphragm integrated with an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) Waveguide with 60° x 100° dispersion, which is critical to smooth spatial response.

The LSR6325P combines two high power amplifiers with an active crossover system. Active crossover circuitry results in a smooth transition in both the frequency and time domains. This results in good imaging, a lack of time smear, and superior off axis response linearity. User adjustments include level calibration for interfacing with professional and semi-professional equipment and fine-tuning of levels with a variable level control. The frequency response can be gently tailored to compensate for placement and room absorption characteristics.


  • Bi-amplified studio reference monitor for near field monitoring, mobile vans, broadcast and TV control rooms
  • Lightweight for portability, high output for size
  • Dual front ported enclosure for optimized low frequency reproduction
  • Waveguide technology for optimized directivity
  • 150 Watts of total amplification
  • Built in high-pass filtering for use with optional subwoofer
  • Die-cast aluminum integrated baffle and cabinet construction
  • Integrated amplifiers provide optimized performance
  • Magnetically shielded for use in close proximity to computer and video monitors
  • Switchable multi-voltage power supply for transformer-free international use

JBL LSR 6325P (Single) Additional Information

Brand JBL Pro
Condition New
Sold As Single
Speaker Type Active
Speaker Configuration 2-Way
LF Driver Size 5.25"
LF Amplifier 100W
LF Driver Material Composite
HF Driver Size 1"
HF Amplifier 50W
HF Driver Material Dome
Total Power 150W
Min Frequency Response (Hz) 70 Hz
Max Frequency Response (kHz) 25 kHz
Max SPL 109 dB
Crossover Frequency 2.3 kHz
Port Configuration Front Ported
Monitor Features Front Panel Volume Control
Input Connectivity XLR, RCA / Phono