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A Complete Home Studio Recording System In One Box

  • Presonus Audiobox USB Audio Interface
  • Presonus PS49 Midi Keyboard
  • Presonus M7 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  • Presonus HD3 Monitoring Headphones


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Quick Overview

Everything you need to start making music at home on your computer in one box. Music recording software, a 49 key controller keyboard, an audio interface to get audio into and out of your computer, a microphone, headphones and all the cables and mounts you need to hook it all together.

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Home Music Studio Starter Kit Product Description

If you have a computer it is now very easy to produce high quality recordings at home. Whether you are a songwriter, guitar player, electronic musician or podcaster you can get fantastic results with just a few essential pieces of studio equipment. This package gives everything you need to get up and running in one box.

USB Audio Interface
Presonus AudioBox USB

An audio interface enables you to get audio into and out of the computer. The soundcards built into computers do not have the right connections to plug in professional microphones or instruments. This USB audio interface has two mic/instrument preamps which means you can connect the included microphone and also plug in an electric or semi-acoustic guitar directly without having to use a separate amplifier. The audio interface included in this package is called the Presonus AudioBox USB.

Music Recording and Music Production Software
Presonus Studio One Artist

To actually record onto your computer you need a piece of software called a sequencer. This software allows you to record tracks of audio which you can then edit and sequence into a song. By connecting the included MIDI controller keyboard you can record and sequence MIDI data which describes what notes you play on the keyboard. This data is used by the software to trigger virtual instruments, so by loading up a piano sound in the included SampleOne instrument you will be able to play a realistic sounding piano in real time. The software also includes a virtual drum machine, two virtual synthesizer, and a set of sounds for the included sampler. The software in this package is called Presonus Studio One Artist.

MIDI Controller Keyboard

A MIDI controller keyboard does not have any sounds built into it so it will not make any noise on its own. You connect it to your computer via USB and then trigger sounds using virtual instruments loaded in the music sequencing software. This keyboard has 49 full sized keys and provides 4 octaves which is suitable to play with two hands. A stage piano has 88 keys so this keyboard has a transpose button so that you can access the lower and higher notes when needed. The keyboard in this package is called the Presonus PS49.

Presonus PS49


Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone
Presonus M7

Condenser microphones are the most common types of microphones you'll find in studios. Large diaphragm microphones are a great choice for studio vocals and instrument recording where a more "deep" sound is desired. They tend to warms up the sound of what is being recorded so the results are of a very high quality which sound fantastic. Whether you are recording vocal, spoken voice or an acoustic instrument a Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone is a good all round choice. The microphone in this package is called the Presonus M7 and comes with a desktop stand.

Presonus HD3 monitoring headphones
Studio Monitoring Headphones

When recording vocals you need to hear your accompanying music but you have to record clean vocals without recording the music being played. The included Presonus HD3 monitoring headphones lets you hear your backing track while you record you performance using the microphone. The headphones are lightweight and durable and feature a comfortable design for extended use. Whether you're monitoring, tracking or mixing, you can expect impressive sonic performance from your HD3 headphones.

Notation Software
Presonus Notion

Not everyone who makes music on their computer has a traditional musical background. However if you are traditionally trained or you are studying music then you may want to create and edit scores. The software in this package called "Notion" allows you to do this and more. Notion makes it simple to write and edit your musical ideas quickly, then hear them played back with superb orchestral samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. You can even perform scores using Notion as a live instrument and save your performance.

The Perfect Music Studio Starter Pack

The package contains all necessary cables, mounts and the added bonus of a powered USB hub to ensure you have enough USB ports available to connect the audio interface and keyboard at the same time. It can be quite daunting when starting out in music production but this package has everything you need in one box. It is a great starter pack for anyone from the enthusiastic beginner to the seasoned hobbyist. These are professional products and produce professional results.

Home Music Studio Starter Kit Additional Information

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