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64 Input/64 Output Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface

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Quick Overview

Focusrite Red 8Pre is a 64 Input/64 Output Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface

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Focusrite Red 8Pre Product Description

Professional-Grade Audio Fidelity

The Focusrite Red 8Pre is designed to deliver pristine audio quality, with precision 24-bit/192kHz conversion ensuring you capture every nuance of your source audio. The 8 Red Evolution mic pres with ‘Air’ transformer emulation deliver exceptional character and tone when it comes to recording vocals as well as instruments, delivering unparalleled audio quality for nearly any source. The Air-enabled mic pres provide up to 63dB of ultra-clean gain, whilst also offering individual Phantom Power, setting recall, stereo linking and more. The ‘Air’ mode provides an analog emulation of the classic ISA preamp, delivering the warm and clear tone the preamp is renowned for. The high-resolution audio of the Focusrite Red 8Pre is perfect for optimal vocal quality as well as easily handling the demanding levels of drum mics and other instruments. With up to 121dB dynamic range, the Focusrite Red 8Pre converters feature ‘parallel path summing’ which is Focusrite’s quietest design today. Combined, the Focusrite Red 8Pre combines high-resolution audio with low latency performance.

Versatile Connectivity & Performance

The Focusrite Red 8Pre features a wide variety of both analog and digital connectivity, allowing you to use virtually any device. Dual Thunderbolt™ ports are included for daisy chaining allowing you to connect the Red 8Pre to your DAW whilst simultaneously connecting Thunderbolt devices such as displays or hard drives. The Focusrite Red 8Pre offers dual DigiLink™ connectivity, allowing you to directly connect to Pro Tools | HD Systems and Avid interfaces. It's also Dante Network Audio enabled, including dual Ethernet ports to expand your I/O. To add extra channels you can connect additional Red or Dante-compatible components to the Ethernet ports. The 1.67ms round-trip latency ensures you can work in near real-time, allowing you to improve your workflow and overall performance value.

Intuitive Layout

The sleek and stylish design of the Focusrite Red 8Pre presents all your major functions in an intuitive front-panel layout. The three coloured LCD displays give you instant visual feedback on your signal levels as well as your parameters, displaying information in real-time for quick and easy monitoring of all functions. Two front panel instrument and headphones inputs are included for added convenience allowing you to easily record instruments and monitor your audio from the front-panel. Two large rotary knobs are assignable, allowing you to precisely dial in the desired amount of each parameter and function, giving you optimal control over all your major functions.

Free Software

To get you started straight out of the box, the Focusrite Red 8Pre comes complete with a bundle of free software designed to accentuate functionality, as well as providing you with a plug-in suite. Every system comes complete with the Focusrite Control Software, allowing you to to control the mic preamp from your compute. The Red Plug-In Suite supplies you with accurate recreations of Focusirte’s classic Red 2 and 3 EQ an compression as well as Softube’s Tme and Tone bundle, both of which feature professional-grade studio effects that can be used to edit, mix and master your audio.


  • 64 inputs/64 outputs - inc 16-in /18-out analogue I/O
  • Eight Red Evolution mic pres with 'Air' transformer emulation
  • Precision 24-bit/192kHz conversion, with up to 121dB dynamic range
  • 'Parallel path summing' conversion for lower noise
  • Optimal combination of sound quality, noise floor, dynamic range and conversion latency
  • Perfect for high-resolution audio
  • Colour LCD displays and assignable controls for simple and quick operation
  • Both front panel and software control
  • Dual Thunderbolt™ 2 ports for daisy-chaining
  • Direct Pro Tools DigiLink™ connection
  • Dante Network Audio enabled
  • 1.67ms round-trip latency - record with plug-ins in real time
  • Add up to 32 extra inputs and output via Ethernet
  • Front-panel instrument inputs
  • Focsurite Control Software and free plug-ins included
  • Focusirte's best interface series yet

Whats In The Box

  • FocusriteRed 8Pre
  • Power Cable
  • Getting Started Guide
  • 2m Thunderbolt™ Cable
  • Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-In Suite
  • Softube Time & Tone Bundle
  • Focusrite Control for monitoring and routing configuration

Focusrite Red 8Pre Additional Information

Brand Focusrite
Condition New
EAN 815301006312