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Universal Audio Solo 610

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The pinnacle of Focusrite’s analogue channel strip technology

  • Focusrite ISA430 MkII Channel Strip Rear


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Quick Overview

Channel strip from Focusrite, the ISA430 MkII features a transformer-based mic pre, versatile EQ with two dual-range parametrics & compressor.

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Focusrite ISA430 MkII Channel Strip Product Description

The ISA 430 MkII represents the pinnacle of Focusrite’s analogue channel strip technology, bringing together all the classic designs in one comprehensive production tool. Augmented with additional features and flavours, alongside unmatched internal routing and connectivity, the ISA 430 MkII enables today’s recording professional to enjoy the unique sonic contribution of these heritage designs within one extremely versatile processor. With the Producer Pack, Focusrite’s iconic status as the leading manufacturer of channel strips remains unrivalled.

From mic impedance switching and ‘mic air’ effect (a wire-wound inductor for increased spaciousness), to three compressor options (VCA, Vintage Opto and Opto Limit) combined with the compressed/uncompressed ‘Blend’ feature, the ISA430 MkII delivers a impressive variety of processing sounds.

Routing and monitoring fl exibility has also received a booster. The unique ‘Listen’ feature (allowing you to hone in on the frequency you wish to affect) is now available on compressor, gate, and expander circuits as well as the ISA 430 MkII’s unique phase cancellation-based de-esser circuit. In addition, monitoring and inserts are available at a variety of points along the signal chain.

Finally, the ISA 430 MkII features an optional 24bit-192kHz high performance (123dB A-weighted with jitter below 20 pico seconds) stereo A-D converter, allowing you to retain every nuance of your analogue signal as you fl ow seamlessly into the digital domain.

This Focusrite ISA430 MkII also features:

  • Classic Focusrite transformer-based 8 Pre-amp
  • Multi format Compressor - transparent VCA and vintage optical circuits
  • Unmatched signal path fl exibility
  • Ability to function as 4 separate modular processors simultaneously
  • Classic Focusrite EQ design; an expanded version of the original ISA 110
  • Post mic pre output for the shortest possible signal path
  • Proprietary Focusrite discrete Class A VCA Gate and Expander designs
  • ‘Listen’ feature for precise control over compression, gating, expansion and de-essing
  • Soft Limiter to avoid critical digital overload
  • Optional Stereo A/D – 24-bit 192 kHz Delta Sigma converter
  • Precision VU metering


Focusrite ISA430 MkII Channel Strip Additional Information

Brand Focusrite
Condition New
Rackmountable Yes
Colour Blue
EAN 0815301005063