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Universal Audio Solo 610

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High Quality Dual Mono Mic Pre


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Quick Overview

Dual mono mic preamp from Focusrite, the ISA Two offers 2 channels of 80 dB clean, distortion-free gain with the Lundahl LL1538 input transformer.

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Focusrite ISA Two 2 Channel Mic Preamp Product Description

Focusrite have created the ISA Two Mic Preamp with the very best intentions for recording high quality audio. The Dual Mono Mic Pre still relies on Lundahl to provide the transformers, boasting a pair of LL1538’s.

Sealed in a 1U compact case the ISA Two slots directly into any studio rack. Located on the front panel are three smooth rotary knobs per channel, giving you precise control over the gain, trim & high pass filter. Two Hi-Z Instrument inputs allow you to easily plug-in a guitar or bass.

Front : Focusrite ISA Two 2 Channel Mic Pre

You may only need a couple of mic preamps, but they need to be the very best. The ISA Two dual-mono mic pre is the ideal solution: two independent channels of the highest quality classic Focusrite mic pres, with line in and front-panel instrument inputs – no DI box required. Based on the legendary designs found in the Focusrite Forte and Studio Consoles, ISA Two is the ideal front-end for your rack.

Focusrite’s microphone preamplifiers go back to the original Focusrite ISA 110 modules, when Rupert Neve was commissioned by George Martin in 1985 to create a no-compromise channel strip for his Neve console. Combining the very best solid-state electronics with transformer coupling, Focusrite mic pres have played a key part in the recording of hundreds of hit records and they’re the choice of leading artists, producers and engineers around the world.

ISA Two features two classic Focusrite mic preamps, with four impedance settings including the original ISA 110 setting. Variable input impedance allows you to go for an accurate, transparent sound or choose to highlight the character of your favourite vintage mic – and anywhere in between. With up to 80 dB of low-noise gain, ISA Two can perform in the most demanding situations - really bringing your ribbon, condenser or moving coil mics to life.

ISA Two offers up to 80 dB of clean, distortion-free gain. The much-heralded ISA topology also ensures low-noise even at the highest gain levels. The transformer alone supplies 20 dB of gain, while ISA’s input stage offers up to 60 dB in addition, giving an astonishing 80 dB of maximum gain on the microphone input.

Four choices of input impedance, including the original ISA 110 value, allow you to match the preamp to your microphone, even if it's a vintage type, giving you the best possible sound. The impedance is selected using a switch on the front panel, and the impedance choice is remembered even once the unit is switched off and back on.

Each channel has an eight-LED array to clearly display the level of your two signals. You can line up your analogue evels with your converters or DAW by using the calibration knob on the rear panel. You will be safe in the knowledge that you have avoided clipping on the way in.

Two 1/4in jack sockets on the front panel of ISA Two give you instant access to a transparent DI input. TRS line inputs are available on the rear panel too, and you can step through them instantly to select the one you want.

Back : Focusrite ISA Two 2 Channel Mic Pre

Each channel has a fully-balanced insert point accessed via TRS sockets on the rear panel and activated with a front-panel button, so it’s easy to use outboard processors with the ISA Two. Just plug in your choice of EQ, compressor or limiter.

Each channel of ISA Two has its own balanced insert point. With 1/4" TRS send and receive connections, your choice of signal processor can be connected and switched in and out using the illuminated switch on the front panel.

Focusrite ISA Two Key Features

  • Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformer
  • 4 impedance settings including the ISA 110
  • Up to 80 dB of low-noise gain
  • user-calibrated LED metering
  • Front-panel instrument and rear panel line inputs
  • Variable cut-off high-pass filter
  • Rear panel balanced inserts

Weight and Dimensions

  • W x D x H 480 mm x 280 mm x 44 mm
  • Weight 3.7 kg

Focusrite ISA Two 2 Channel Mic Preamp Additional Information

Brand Focusrite
Condition New
Rackmountable Yes
Colour Blue
EAN 00815301005148