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Delve into the professional audio side of Focal with their incredible Active Studio Monitors & Headphones. Explore each range that includes features, packages, high-quality images, videos and comparison charts. Make sure you know eveything there is to know about Focal.


Founded in 1979, Focal is today comprised of two geographically separated facilities. The cabinet factory, in Bourbon-Lancy, ensures a custom-tailored production that favours manual labour for the most complex and precise work. The second facility is Focal’s headquarters which are based in Saint-Etienne. It combines the R&D laboratory, production and administrative departments on a 17 000m2 site, where more than 200 people work on a common goal: the absolute finest sound.


Focal established itself as an innovation leader in the pursuit of a unique principle: total control of development and production. This enables the company to constantly progress, while being sure there’s perfect control during the manufacturing process. Focal has registered many patents, such as the "W" composite sandwich cone or the pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. These exclusive technologies have brought major progress to the professional audio world in terms of neutrality, definition and precision in reproduced sound. It’s fundamental for a sound engineer to entirely trust what he or she hears, either in music production, postproduction or broadcast.


Focal's products are designed from the start to be professional tools that exactly reproduce the sound signal, without improving or damaging it. Focal Professional monitors guarantee the reproduction of all the micro-details, the precise staging of instruments and voices, with no coloration or distortion. These basic elements allow the engineer to directly access the source equipment and electronics and ensure optimum transfer quality onto public audio equipment.





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