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Every once in a while we take an in-depth look at a particular brand in the mission to make it easier for you to get a sense of what the brand stand for and the products that they belive in. Hopefully by the end of each article you would've gained some extra knowledge on the brand that your're interested in.


Our Content is wide and varied for each brand, we include features, comparisons, tech specs, background information, news, videos and much more and all in one place so you don't have to go searching the internet for ours on end for more information.










We focus on Ableton's amazing DAW Software LIVE and their Incredible DAW Controller PUSH.


Featuring Videos, explanations, comparisons and everything inbetween!

Ableton Brand Focus









We look in-depth at the KRK Rokit RP G3 range, including RP5, RP6 and RP8 Active Studio Monitors.


Featuring an overview for each monitor plus features and tech spec comparisons, we also display all the packages for each monitor so you don't make out on a great bundle deal!

KRK Brand Focus






SSL (Solid State Logic)



Looking for the best of best in terms of audio consoles and general music production?


Well SSL have everything you need, we take a look at their entire product line and go in-detail to provide you with all the information you need.

SSL Brand Focus









Spectrasonics are a fantastic virtual instruments software company who's products contain amazing power and versatility.


We've prepared an article that really explores their flagship products, including; Omnisphere 2 Synth Software, Trillian Bass Module and Stylus RMX Groove Module.

Spectrasonics Brand Focus






Native Instruments



Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing.


Here at Music Matter we're focusing on the 3 main umbrellas of Komplete (includes Software and MIDI Keyboards), Maschine (includes DAW Controllers) and Traktor (includes DJ Equipment.

Native Instruments Brand Focus






Universal Acoustics



Universal Acoustics feature the very best in acoustic room treatment.


We at Music Matter have focused on the 3 main umbrellas of absorption tiles, bass traps and room kit. Available in an array of different themes.

Native Instruments Brand Focus






Bitwig Studio



Everything you need to know about Bitwig Studio.


We go in-depth and have a look at all the features Bitwig Studio has to offer and there is plenty so go check out our Bitwig Studio special!

Bitwig Studio




Cakewalk Sonar


Everything you need to know about Cakewalk Sonar.


We have an in-depth look at Cakewalk Sonar Artist, Professional and Platinum and explain all the features that Sonar comes and a detialed compariosn of the different versions.


Plus Package them with Tascam Audio Interfaces to save you some money!


Cakewalk Sonar






Everything you need to know about Novation!


All of Novation's products in one place, including the Launch Range, Circuit, Synth Series, Keys plus Extras and Bundles, Each page is choc-a-bloc with Videos, Images and everything in between. Hopefully making shopping Novation slightly easier for you.



Novation Brand Focus




Aston Microphones


Everything you need to know about Aston Mics!


This Aston Microphones Brand Focus features the Origin Cardioid Condenser microphone and the Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone, includes highlights, specs, images and also a chance to win an Aston Origin Mic!



Aston Mics Brand Focus





Universal Audio


Everything you need to know about Universal Audio!


Take a trip through Universal Audio's product line which includes professional Audio Interfaces and world renowned Plug-ins. We also compare the diffrerent interfaces and plug-ins to make it a little easier for you.



Universal Audio Brand Focus





AAS Brand Focus


Applied Acoustics Systems feature gamechanging modeling software.


We have a dedicated page for each title listed on our site, whether you're a Guitarist, Pianist and Producer, there is some quality software for everyone! Includes Videos, an interview with the founcer and more!




AAS Brand Focus





Waves Premium Bundles & Signature Series


Everything from this amazing software brand is right here! Premium Bundles, Analog Models, Signature Series, Mastering, Home Studio + Post Production.


Also we have the very latest deals and offers on this very page which also includes UK exclusives!




Waves Premium Bundles And Exclusive Prices





Audio Technica 40 Series Focus


Everything to do with AT 40 Microphones from this amazing audio equipement brand is right here! Overviews, details, specs and a tonne of images and charts!


This particular focus area falls in line with Audio Technica's 25th Anniversary of their hugely popular AT-4033 Studio Microphone.



Audio Technica 25th Anniversary AT-40 Focus





Roland AIRA Brand Focus


With roots in the very origins of electronic music, AIRA is a new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of today's electronic musicians.


In the studio or on the stage, AIRA brings genre-defining sounds and modern performance features to a new generation.



Roland AIRA Brand Focus





Focal Professional Brand Focus


Delve into the professional audio side of Focal with their incredible Active Studio Monitors & Headphones.


Explore each range that includes features, packages, high-quality images, videos and comparison charts. Make sure you know eveything there is to know about Focal.



Focal Professional Brand Focus