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This brief history is told by Venom Synth designer Taiho Yamada giving us an insight into the  development of M-Audio’s first ever analog synthesizer.

I originally thought Venom would be white.

That seems like an odd thing to say, considering that Venom actually is painted white, but I think you’d be amazed at the incredible journey it took to finally get there. In this blog post, I’m going to pull back the curtain a bit on the design of Venom, and give you a peek at what it’s like to work with a group of colleagues who are so passionate about synthesizers. Sometimes, gaining consensus between various viewpoints can be quite frustrating, but after all of the “spirited” debates, the end result is a finished product that’s the best it can be.

Onward with the tale…

In the beginning, I decided that Venom really needed to look like M-Audio’s KeyStudio 49i:

M-Audio Venom 01 continue reading…

Leading pro-audio specialists Avid have released the M-Audio Venom Synth at NAMM 2011.

The aim of Avid’s new synth is to combine the warm sound and character of vintage keyboards with the intuitive control and workflow advantages of modern digital processing, hoping it will provide cutting-edge sound options to musicians of all skill levels.

The sound design capabilities allow musicians to create distinctive sounds using 41 oscillator waves and 53 drum sounds sampled from renowned vintage keyboards. continue reading…