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Focusrite’s latest innovation is the Focusrite VRM Box, a headphone monitoring system featuring the patent-pending VRM (Virtual Reference Monitoring) technology. With VRM Box, you can mix in your studio, wherever you are.

VRM Box functions as a high-quality 24-bit/48kHz USB audio playback interface. So, whether you’re mixing, creating music or simply listening to tracks, VRM Box is perfect. What’s more, there’s no need for a power supply or batteries, because it gets all the power it needs, with full audio quality, from your computer’s USB port. VRM Box also features a digital (S/PDIF) input, which supports sample rates up to 192kHz. This allows you to run it in conjunction with your Pro Tools HD system, or any other interface with an S/PDIF output. continue reading…

Mackie today announced a complete redesign of its bestselling line of ultra-affordable powered studio monitors – the  Mackie MR5 Mk2 & MR8 Mk2 Reference Monitors.  The Mackie MR5mk2 & MR8mk2 feature class-leading power with unmatched clarity and definition at its price point, the new series is sure to please those looking for a professional monitoring solution for project studios, edit suites and home theatres alike.

The Winter NAMM 2011 brings various new Alesis products for 2011 that expand their Recording and Mixer lines. Let’s jump right into the new product announcements.

Pro Audio Dock For iPad

The StudioDock is the first device that enables anyone with an iPad to create, produce, and perform music with virtually any pro audio gear or instruments. The StudioDock is a universal docking station specifically designed for the iPad, and it gives musicians, recording engineers, and music producers the connectivity they need to create and perform with iPad. Connect all your pro audio gear to virtually any app in the App Store with the StudioDock. continue reading…