Bitwig Studio V2 Next Generation DAW Software Announced

3rd Mar 2017

Bitwig Studio V2 Next Generation DAW Software Announced

Bitwig Studio V2 Next Gen DAW Software Has Arrived!

The next big upgrade for Bitwig Studio is here! Bitwig Studio 2 is packed with great new features for electronic music production, sound design and audio recording including a completely reworked modulation system, 24 new modulators, 10 new devices, better hardware integration via MIDI and now CV/Gate, Fades and Crossfades, and many more!

What's New In BitWig V2?

  • A re-conceptualized modulation system with 25 brand new Modulators
  • Numerous device updates, including remote controls, dynamic displays and spectrum analyzers
  • 17 entirely new devices
  • Better hardware integration, with improved MIDI handling and several dedicated MIDI and CV devices
  • Fades and crossfades
  • VST3 support

BitWig Studio V2 Video

Amp Device

Inject a bit of virtual analog grit into your sounds with the new Amp device, a remarkable piece of amplifier-simulation technology.

MIDI Clock Slave

MIDI clock slave functionality lets you sync up Bitwig Studio 2.1 to software and hardware clocks.