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VST Orchestral Plug-in Instrument With Serious Brass


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Quick Overview

Virtual Orchestra Software from Arturia, Brass 2.0 Virtual Wind Instrument faithfully reproducing the trumpet, saxophone and trombone in real time.

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Arturia Brass V 2 VST Virtual Orchestra Software Product Description

Arturia Brass 2.0 virtual wind instrument adds even more features to the stellar Brass instrument! Arturia Brass 2.0 faithfully reproduces the trumpet, saxophone and trombone in real time, and it improves on the original with better DAW integration, new saxophone modeling, 4-instrument harmonizing, a redesigned interface, and more. It contains an extensive performance-based riff library which is entirely configurable and expandable. Choose, create, import and modify riffs to match your needs. You can also play the modeled instruments directly with a keyboard and other realtime controls.You'll find a fantastic virtual brass instrument, complete with expressive, professional control, with Brass 2.0.

Arturia Brass 2.0 is based on a new kind of physical modeling technology. All of the characteristics of the real instruments have been analyzed and modeled through extensive research at IRCAM, the world-renowned institute based in Paris. Arturia has partnered with IRCAM to bring this groundbreaking technology to your studio. How do you play Brass 2.0 instruments? You can use the riff library and keyboard controls to trigger patterns and variations, or you can use a MIDI controller to play each instrument directly. Real time controls such as a breath controller can be used to great advantage with Brass 2.0. The choice is under your control.

The riff mode in Brass 2.0 is as easy as it looks. Select one of the hundreds musical phrases provided in Brass 2.0 and use it in your creation instantly. There's no need to browse huge libraries of loops to find what you need. With Brass 2.0, you just choose the riff you want and the target tonality you like. As for the tempo, you can change it as well, or it will automatically synchronize with your host sequencer, if you want to work that way.

With Brass 2.0 you can play your instrument with maximum expressivity, like a soloist would! All parameters can be modulated in real time. What's more, you can assign any MIDI controller to any parameter, switch automatization on some other parameters, and obtain a very lively and realistic sound.

Exporting riffs as MIDI files or launching riffs from your sequencer is easy with Brass 2.0. You can easily launch riffs on the fly from your keyboard, so you can also use Brass 2.0 as a great live performance tool. You can also edit every aspect of your riff in real time. You want to go further? Configure your instrument: make a trumpet in wood, add a mute, humanize. You'll find that the physical modeling in Arturia Brass 2.0 is very flexible!

Arturia's Brass 2.0 sees a host of improvements over the original Brass virtual instrument. In addition to new physical modeling of the saxophone, two new saxophone mouthpieces, and the ability to play four instruments at a time, Brass 2.0 offers an entirely redesigned user interface, for an incredibly effective workflow. Brass 2.0 also integrates into your DAW software more fluidly than before, and sports improved MIDI control, for expressive performances.


  • Virtual instrument playable through a MIDI keyboard
  • Three instruments available : trumpet, saxophone, trombone
  • Eight parameters to control the instruments in real time
  • Attack
  • Pressure
  • Pitch (for legatos, falls, or expressivity)
  • Timbre
  • Noise amount
  • Vibrato
  • Mic position
  • Mute (for trumpet and trombone)
  • Total MIDI control of each parameter through powerful settings, control sense and hardness
  • Independent automatization of each parameter via a dedicated control window
  • Configuration of instruments : four attack and four vibrato types, material, humanization
  • More than 1,000 riff presets in all music styles
  • Easy and fast searching of riffs with the preset explorer
  • Up to four simultaneous instruments in a riff
  • Editable length, tempo and tune of each riff
  • Riff editing with the zoomable piano roll and independent parameter editing
  • Powerful editing options : solo, mute, eight drawing tools
  • Import and export riff presets from and to MIDI files
  • Live playing of several riffs with the keyboard
  • Chorus mode for all instruments, up to four instruments unison section
  • Spatialization of the instruments in a configurable room

Arturia Brass V 2 VST Virtual Orchestra Software Additional Information

SKU 310101
Brand Arturia
Colour Black
Condition New
Compatibility PC, Mac
Supported Format Stand-Alone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS
Instrument Types Orchestral
EAN 3760033530307